Dealing with Sin

Dealing with Sin provides the Biblical definition of “sin” and proves Christ taught Yahweh’s Law is in effect before Pastor Visser equips listeners with ten New Testament verses regarding repentance. Are we “once saved always saved?” How do we walk in the Holy Spirit? This short homily will help the lost sheep of the house of Israel take steps to ensure forgiveness and be able to “go and sin no more (John 8:11).”

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Wickstrom: The Books

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (192) Wickstrom: The Books | Brother Andy and Wick recorded this show on October 23rd and had no set agenda or plan for dialogue. Both men discuss whatever comes to mind and the result is an uplifting interview that allows Dr. James P. Wickstrom to share more about his past and express the importance of Yahweh’s written word for His Israelite sons and daughters today.

Download the mp3 here or here (16.1 mb).

Sowing & Reaping (Part #2)

Sowing & Reaping (Part #2) completes a study begun one year before focused solely on the Biblical Law of karma. This segment explains that Yahweh designed natural providence so that both righteous and wicked seeds will “reap what they sow” in this life and the coming Kingdom. We also give details on why Jesus Christ used agricultural terms when teaching His bride parables such as seeds, trees or branches.

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The Rich Young Ruler

The Rich Young Ruler is technically an alternate track titled “Suffer Little Children II” which was later re-preached for our lengthy series on Luke’s Gospel. Originally meant to be a sequel to the classic lecture taught a decade previous this sermon explains why the Kingdom of Yahweh is comprised of youthful children and why rich people are often rebuked by Yahshua for not distributing their surplus to the needy.

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Rod and Stem of Jesse

Rod and Stem of Jesse revisits the Gospel of the Birth of Mary (5:1-17) in order to prove that angels are literal, the virgin Mary was obediently chosen and the genuinely faithful will always petition Yahweh for advice over sinful men. The mother of “God manifest in the flesh” (1 Timothy 3:16) has an important life story that can only be found within the pages of this Gnostic non-canonized book.

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Sin in Proverbs

Sin in Proverbs looks at key verses from the wise book of Proverbs all dealing with the demoralizing topic of SIN or iniquity. Most importantly this “meaty” sermon identifies the habitual behaviors and eventual rewards of the wicked providing numerous passages to hopefully rebuke rebellious Israelites into obedience. The listener can learn how to spot false prophets and fortify their own faith.

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