Stars and Trees in Scripture

Stars and Trees in Scripture is a pure dual-seedline topical sermon examining these two words as they appear within the Holy Bible. This EFR Covenant Gathering homily confirms “the tree of the field is man’s life” (Deuteronomy 20:19) before proving both TREES and STARS represent people in sacred script since even Jesus Christ teaches “Each tree (or person) is recognized by its own fruit” (Luke 6:44).

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University For Angels

University For Angels explains several purposes for the racial “church” of Christ on earth and proves we have power over angels but their worship is outright forbidden by Yahweh. This Covenant Gathering episode falls under CPM’s “Morning Stars” lecture series as it scrutinizes several Apocryphal teachings regarding the heavenly host while explaining some of the many positions within the Body of Christ.

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Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace is a broadcast presenting the uncut version of the nativity chronicle by arranging the gospels as a single narrative and highlighting lesser known facts from all four books. Why was Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh presented to baby Christ by the three wise men? This lecture explains many prophecies fulfilled during Yahshua’s birth and why telling this story is imperative to spiritual growth.

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Sowing & Reaping (Part #2)

Sowing & Reaping (Part #2) completes a study begun one year before focused solely on the Biblical Law of karma. This segment explains that Yahweh designed natural providence so that both righteous and wicked seeds will “reap what they sow” in this life and the coming Kingdom. We also give details on why Jesus Christ used agricultural terms when teaching His bride parables such as seeds, trees or branches.

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Marriage of the Lamb

Marriage of the Lamb scrutinizes the words “bride” and “Bridegroom” in scripture attempting to clarify the latter supper mentioned by John in the prophetical book of Revelation. It was Yahweh that divorced Israel in the Old Testament but Yahshua who marries them under the New Covenant. This brief sermon proves Jesus Christ is the Creator Himself and will redeem His precious bride only if they’re subservient.

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God Spared Not Angels

God Spared Not Angels uses 2nd Peter II and Romans 1 to explain Yahweh’s unwavering thoughts concerning ancient and contemporary sodomites. We continue studying false prophets by examining fallen angels “reserved in chains” for judgment before contrasting the examples of Noah and Lot. God did NOT spare the angels that fell! Neither will our Creator esteem any iniquitous Israelite before His throne.

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Daystar: Son of Mourning

Daystar: Son of Mourning is a detailed investigation into Satan and provides ample verses to substantiate the Adversary is literal. This “screamo emo” sermon takes no prisoners when slinging the spiritual sword (or Word) and dices through the talmudic theory of “no Satan” that deceives a few uneducated Israelites. This was the sermon that made “the C.I. Police” charge Pastor Visser with wrongful conduct!

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Ophanim and Thronos (Part #1)

Ophanim and Thronos (Part #1) begins our final two-part sermon into the reality of the heavenly host by uncovering the hierarchy of angels as transcribed in our Bibles explaining their positions to both Yahweh and man. Dealing mostly with rebellious archangels and the latter day war of Gog and Magog this enriching sermon further proves that messengers do the bidding of Yahweh for the sake of His Saints.

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Messengers and Dragons (Part #2)

Messengers and Dragons (Part #2) deals mostly with the Biblical topic of dragons proving they’re representations of the enemies of Yahweh’s covenant people Israel in addition to being another name for Satan. Also covered is Christ’s explanation of His own “parable of the tares and wheat” which demonstrates our Messiah taught the devil has a literal seed on earth. Upcoming projects for 2014 are reviewed.

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Without Form and Void

Without Form and Void scrutinizes the texts of Jeremiah 4:19-26 and II Peter 3:5-8 to establish there was a “world that then was” (or first earth age) that overflowed with water. Mostly dealing with the Katabole or Satan’s rebellion between the first two verses of Genesis, this tranquil sermon also provides updates from CPM and announces several projects planned for the upcoming apostasy of 2014.

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