University For Angels

University For Angels explains several purposes for the racial “church” of Christ on earth and proves we have power over angels but their worship is outright forbidden by Yahweh. This Covenant Gathering episode falls under CPM’s “Morning Stars” lecture series as it scrutinizes several Apocryphal teachings regarding the heavenly host while explaining some of the many positions within the Body of Christ.

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Marriage of the Lamb

Marriage of the Lamb scrutinizes the words “bride” and “Bridegroom” in scripture attempting to clarify the latter supper mentioned by John in the prophetical book of Revelation. It was Yahweh that divorced Israel in the Old Testament but Yahshua who marries them under the New Covenant. This brief sermon proves Jesus Christ is the Creator Himself and will redeem His precious bride only if they’re subservient.

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An Angel of Light

An Angel of Light examines II Corinthians 11:13-15 and II Timothy 4:2-5 to appraise Paul’s teachings regarding false prophets and sound doctrine. The apostle uses Eve’s “beguilement” by Satan in the garden of Eden as an example of how counterfeit teachers operate and instructs Christians to use their discernment because the Devil and his ministers can oftentimes “transform” themselves into appearing sincere.

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God Spared Not Angels

God Spared Not Angels uses 2nd Peter II and Romans 1 to explain Yahweh’s unwavering thoughts concerning ancient and contemporary sodomites. We continue studying false prophets by examining fallen angels “reserved in chains” for judgment before contrasting the examples of Noah and Lot. God did NOT spare the angels that fell! Neither will our Creator esteem any iniquitous Israelite before His throne.

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Morning Stars 8 (Uncut)

Morning Stars 8 (Uncut) allows the listener to hear this classic sermon from 2007 like never before! This youthful series on angels has finally been remastered, re-edited and reissued from original sources for a whole new generation. This final sermon looks at why the angels rebelled against Yahweh God in Genesis 6 and the finishing overthrow of Satan from both the Holy Bible and uncanonized book of Enoch.

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Morning Stars 7 (Uncut)

Morning Stars 7 (Uncut) looks deeper at the annunciation of Christ to the virgin Mary by the archangel Gabriel and why Satan is considered to be a “dragon” several places in scripture. What does beguile mean in the King’s English? This re-edited sermon explores the “sex goddess” Lilith mentioned by the prophet Isaiah thus by extension further explains seedline doctrine from the accepted and traditional viewpoint.

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Morning Stars 6 (Uncut)

Morning Stars 6 (Uncut) examines Yahshua’s dealings and teachings concerning angels both fallen and reserved from the pages of the New Testament Gospels. Why are trees equated to people? This remastered classic broadcast also provides an in-depth investigation into Balaam’s talking ass in order to shed more light on “the way of Cain” and “doctrine of Balaam” denounced by Christ in His book of Revelation.

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Morning Stars 5 (Uncut)

Morning Stars 5 (Uncut) deals mostly with Eve’s seduction in the Garden of Eden by the fallen dragon Lucifer – arguably the most dual seedline sermon of the entire series! Why do jews hold bar mitzvahs because they believe Satan is just their flesh? Find out! This reissued sermon from 2007 also explains the use of worms in Yahweh’s judgment and His expenditure of angels to bring about His “dirty work” on earth.

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Morning Stars 4 (Uncut)

Morning Stars 4 (Uncut) explains that oftentimes angels are messengers who bring Yahweh’s Word to the Israelites as was the case for Gabriel who announced to Mary that she would bring forth Emmanuel (or God with us). Also examined are several apocryphal texts like Susanna and Bel and The Dragon which all testify of the reality of cherubim. Sound issues with this re-edited sermon are from source materials.

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Morning Stars 3 (Uncut)

Morning Stars 3 (Uncut) examines Yahweh’s heavenly host or the “saintly hierarchy” of cherubim to archangels that do His bidding. This remastered sermon proves that several modern-day Sadducees teach against these sons of God and still exist amongst the ranks of genuine Identity Christians. Was our Redeemer truly enticed by Satan and what does this narrative mean to us two thousand years later?

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