The Miracles of Paul

The Miracles of Paul scrutinizes nearly every wonder this apostle does from the book of ACTS while attempting to prove several lesser-known facts about Paul from his own letters. An education on Saul and his conversion! This sermon confirms Paul was made an apostle by Christ Himself, accepted by the remaining disciples and taught three specific Old Testament Laws that other epistle writers avoided.

Download the mp3 here or here (13.4 mb).

Stephen: First Martyr

Stephen: First Martyr examines what the short-lived apostle preached that angered the people so much they stoned him. This rainy Sunday sermon proves that truth is often a bitter pill to swallow for godless Israelites that can only see the flesh directly from Acts 7:42-60. In the first Christian martyr Stephen’s discourse the faithful can learn a racial history of the Israelites beginning with Abraham’s first calling.

Download the mp3 here or here (11.9 mb).