Ten Plagues of Yahweh

Ten Plagues of Yahweh confirms idol worship is forbidden by God before showing the correlation between each plague He sent to an Egyptian graven image. This Covenant Gathering broadcast teaches on the exchange between Moses and the hard-hearted Pharaoh while proving Yahweh made His “signs and wonders” manifest to both His faithful Israelites and the pagan Egyptians of the Old Testament.

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Philemon and Onesimus

Philemon and Onesimus covers the entire epistle of Paul which emphasizes the importance of repentance and forgiveness. Onesimus once stole from Philemon yet became profitable to Paul in later life thus the result is this shortest (and most personal) of all Pauline letters. Every verse in the text is clarified because there is much the faithful can apply to their Christian walks taught in this New Testament book.

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Grace of God

Grace of God is a sermon covering the eight “S’s” from the Pauline epistles concerning the topic of GRACE: salvation, sureness, security, strength, supplied, somebody, satisfied and surprised. The main focus of this lecture is proving salvation is not work-based but Yahweh’s gift to His faithful children through mercy. Also considered the third address on “Christian Grace” released by CPM Radio in 2016.

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Esau Have I Hated

Esau Have I Hated covers highlights from the book of the minor prophet Malachi by establishing Yahweh still loves Jacob (the Israelites) and literally hates Esau (the Edomites). There are false prophets among our people! God will curse the deceiver and his offspring! This sermon provides a brief overview of the Old Testament book and attempts to show many parallels to the four New Covenant Gospels.

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Return of Christ

Return of Christ closely surveys the ten forms of Yahshua’s second coming ranging from lightning (Matthew 24:27) to a thief (Rev. 16:15). This sermon provides an alternate viewpoint of the Day of the LORD showcasing the signs proving the Messiah has returned as opposed to before His coming. A fairly complete lecture on “The Return of Christ” which could easily complete the “Lessons From Luke” series.

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A Good Minister

A Good Minister proves that legitimate teachers will be resisted regarding the validity of the codified Word or reality of Christ being “God our Savior.” Can Israelites exercise themselves unto both sin and godliness? Does practice make a habit? This sermon verifies that the apostle Paul accepted Christ as YHVH from Ist Timothy 3:14-4:12 and further confirms many people will not receive this “mystery of godliness.”

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Parable of the Talents

Parable of the Talents proves the similarities (and differences) of Yahshua’s parable as found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. This emotional sermon on wasted opportunities explains one of the hardest statements ever made by Christ; “Mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me” (Luke 19:27). Learn how to be profitable to Yahweh’s Kingdom.

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Every Tongue Should Confess

Every Tongue Should Confess is a mini-study into “the mind of Christ” as mentioned by Paul in his epistle to the Philippians 2:5-16. Why was Christ born in the flesh and how did He behave as He taught? Why does every knee bow to Jesus in judgment? This sermon answers these questions and provides backdrop into why His name is exalted above all others. This homily deals with humility and obedience.

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Parable of the Virgins

Parable of the Virgins begins by covering the allegory from Matthew 25:1-13 before comparing the same narrative to the Epistula Apostolorum (Epistle of the Apostles). What is the “oil” of our people and why did the wise virgins refuse the foolish? This sermon deals mostly with the topic of “preparedness” as all ten virgins were faithful to the Bridegroom yet only half were known and acknowledged by Yahshua.

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Old Things Passed Away

Old Things Passed Away is a sermon using Peter’s 2nd epistle (in addition to Isaiah and three letters from Paul) to prove Christians must die to self in order to keep their pledges. Being the first CPM sermon of the year 2016 the main focus of this homily is “forgiving self” because this allows Yahweh to make us new creatures. We must be equipped with the correct strength to keep our New Year resolutions.

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