Grace of God

Grace of God is a sermon covering the eight “S’s” from the Pauline epistles concerning the topic of GRACE: salvation, sureness, security, strength, supplied, somebody, satisfied and surprised. The main focus of this lecture is proving salvation is not work-based but Yahweh’s gift to His faithful children through mercy. Also considered the third address on “Christian Grace” released by CPM Radio in 2016.

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As is the Earthy

As is the Earthy is an expository style sermon covering I Corinthians 15:45-50 (with support from Romans 8:14-18) to highlight the differences between the Adam created in the second chapter of Genesis and “the second Adam” which is Christ. This short lecture provides the blueprint of Christian rebirth and straightforwardly describes the necessity of resurrection solely from the writings of the latter apostle Paul.

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Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit is an expository style sermon using Paul’s epistle to the Romans 8:1-17 to explain the major differences between the flesh and spirit. The latter apostle clarifies that carnally-minded Israelites are at war with Yahweh and “they in the flesh cannot please God” so this broadcast delves into the subject of the Holy Spirit and its quickening. Also covered is Christ fulfilling the Old Testament Law.

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Every Knee Shall Bow

Every Knee Shall Bow expounds upon Paul’s epistle to the Romans 14:1-12 to explain the difference between personal discernment and outright judgment (which belongs to Yahweh alone). We are to both live and die for Yahshua! We must refrain from disunity! This sermon clarifies exactly how Christians are to accept those “weak in the faith” and how to use tact when dealing with milquetoast believers.

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End of the Law?

End of the Law? scrutinizes the apostle Paul’s statement “Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth” (Romans 10:4) and explains which covenant was replaced (or fulfilled) in detail. Was Paul antinomian? Are Christians free from Yahweh’s Law? What is the Biblical definition of sin? This “rainy Sunday” sermon provides these answers and proves Christian are bound to the Word.

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Desert Island Verses (Part #2)

Desert Island Verses (Part #2) supplies explanations for ten more passages of scripture central to Christian Identity doctrine. Discussed are the enemies of Christ, the coming Kingdom, the definition of sin, rewarding the wicked, the sons of Yahweh and so much more! A complete listing of the many verses covered in this theological series (with timestamps and show notes) is viewable on CPM’s Wiki.

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Called According To His Purpose

Called According To His Purpose covers the seventieth Psalm and entire eighth chapter of Paul’s epistle to the Romans to establish that the sons of God are predestinated and foreknown by their Creator Yahweh. This sermon shows the difference between the flesh and spirit by detailing the “rewards” both carnal and unworldly men receive. Learn how to distinguish truth when she shows herself by listening!

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