Born of the Bride

Born of the Bride is a unique Covenant Gathering broadcast that breathes new life into three lesser-known CPM shorts; “Monogamy and Bride of Christ” (2005), “Truth Shall Be Evil” (2015) and “Born of Yahweh” (2016). As a single study featuring new introductions by Pastor Visser these three mini-sermons on the epistles of Peter and John now work in unison to prove the longevity of Yahweh’s everlasting Word.

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Wickstrom: The Books

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (192) Wickstrom: The Books | Brother Andy and Wick recorded this show on October 23rd and had no set agenda or plan for dialogue. Both men discuss whatever comes to mind and the result is an uplifting interview that allows Dr. James P. Wickstrom to share more about his past and express the importance of Yahweh’s written word for His Israelite sons and daughters today.

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He Wants You Too, Malachi

He Wants You Too, Malachi inspects Yahweh’s commands for teachers from the book of the minor prophet Malachi 2:1-7 and a New Testament teaching on the Day of the Lord that proves Yahweh keeps His promise to curse false prophets and remove their SEED from among His people. Technically considered a “throw away sermon” this darker broadcast was salvaged by request of Isaac Chroner.

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Viking: Son of Goldblatt

Viking: Son of Goldblatt completes our two-part examination of the Druids being the continuation of Viking: The Son of Olga. In this part Obie solves yet another “Bible contradiction” and delves deeper into his investigation on the people of Celtic Europe. Current events and upcoming broadcasts are highlighted in addition to the impact that “vampires, werewolves and zombies” have in popular culture.

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Careful How You Hear

Careful How You Hear (CPM Sessions) uses the Gospel of Luke 8:4-18 to expand upon the “thorns” of Yahweh’s curses in Genesis 3:17 & 18. By understanding the parable of the seed and the sower Christians are better equipped to understand the distinct classes of believers and what causes many of the faithful to fall aside. This sermon proves that God’s plagues in the beginning still stand for ALL ages!

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Solomon’s Stranger Wives

Solomon’s Stranger Wives (CPM Sessions) evaluates two different sermons about wise king Solomon’s grievous mistake of taking foreign wives. We begin with Pastor Visser explaining how Solomon angered Yahweh from 2005 and conclude with additions from the minor prophet Nehemiah on the same topic preached eight years later. An effective topical sermon where listeners can compare two styles.

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Desert Island Verses (Part #1)

Desert Island Verses (Part #1) provides ten hand-picked Bible verses that are crucial to Christian Identity and explains their importance to doctrine in detail. We discuss current events in the apostasy and later in the show Ethan24 calls in to discuss his background and Rocky Suhayda’s “American Nazi Party” organization. This is an introductory briefing to crucial CI passages pivotal to Christian separatism.

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Obie and Visser “Freestyle”

Obie and Visser “Freestyle” – Obadiah 1:18 again joins Pastor Visser to continue discussing the current state of Christian Identity. This lengthy broadcast is quite unique in that it becomes an interview where several lesser-known facts pertaining to the infancy of Covenant People’s Ministry are made known. Both men express the importance of familiarization of scripture in this “freestyle” sermon.

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“999” Jubilee Event

The “999” Jubilee Event was a 12-hour Christian Identity marathon (dedicated to fasting and prayer) hosted by Pastors Eli James and William Finck on September 9th, 2009. This specific two-hour segment contains all three Bible teachers discussing the importance of forgiveness and personal repentance in today’s apostasy. If you missed this crucial CI event, be sure to download the audio now!

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Cause of Confusion

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Cause of Confusion

This thirty minute Bible study called Cause of Confusion examines Nimrod’s morbid desire to construct the tower of Babel alongside the many negative lessons Christians can learn from this account today. Basically a double-pack containing two shorter sermons, Cause and Effect and Ziggurat of Confusion, this lecture provides plenty of Biblical proof against “mixing” in general.

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