The LORD Reigns!

The LORD Reigns! is an expository sermon dealing with the entire 97th Psalm which teaches “You who love Yahweh hate evil.” According to this song of David “Light is sown for the righteous” thus this lecture attempts to explain why all who boast in worthless idols will be put to shame. We also examine the title “lord” and learn that Yahweh is in control of all things including the seasons and weather.

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Lord, Redeem Me!

Lord, Redeem Me! is a complete examination of the entire 26th Psalm that proves only Yahweh will judge His people righteously and we should only seek His acceptance. Why was David “a man according to Yahweh’s own heart?” Our former king made a vow to only follow God and seek His judgment regarding morality while refusing Godspeed to the mischievous and wicked resulting in a peaceful reign for Israel.

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This Poor Man Cried

This Poor Man Cried is a complete study on the 34th Psalm of David pertaining to deliverance from ALL problems. This musical Psalm provides the conditions of obtaining freedom and holds a Messianic prophecy later fulfilled by Yahshua “He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.” This peaceful sermon is dedicated to all Israelites in distress and we pray this study will provide them personal comfort.

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Yahweh’s Secret Place

Yahweh’s Secret Place examines the theme of “darkness” from David’s Psalm 18:1-24 and unlocks several keys concerning the creation account in Genesis 1:2 and elsewhere. Dealing mostly with the katabole and first earth age this sermon proves both David and Solomon were predestined to become rulers because Yahweh knew they would be obedient. This lecture fully details Yahweh’s “secret place.”

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End of the Law?

End of the Law? scrutinizes the apostle Paul’s statement “Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth” (Romans 10:4) and explains which covenant was replaced (or fulfilled) in detail. Was Paul antinomian? Are Christians free from Yahweh’s Law? What is the Biblical definition of sin? This “rainy Sunday” sermon provides these answers and proves Christian are bound to the Word.

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Men-pleasers! uses the fourth Psalm of Solomon to compare the sincere preacher with those considered hypocrites by Yahweh for hiding behind His infinite Law. This study into the Gnostic book proves that bastards are never satisfied. Deceitful pastors have abilities like serpents to destroy the wisdom of the Saints therefore wise king Solomon explains that understanding is the foremost thing as he did in Proverbs.

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