Secrets of Answered Prayer

Secrets of Answered Prayer looks at four ways the faithful can increase their chances of Yahweh pouring out His blessings in their personal lives. Does our Father answer every prayer? Is He bound to forgive sinners? This sermon highlights several New Testament commandments all concerning prayer and its necessity to Israelites today proving oftentimes it’s our “asking amiss” that causes unanswered prayer.

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The Importunate Neighbour

The Importunate Neighbour is a sermon preached in the wake of David Bowie’s death dealing solely with a lesser-known parable of Christ found only in Luke 11:1-10. Who is the bread of Life? Why three loaves at midnight? This broadcast covers the subject of PRAYER by highlighting important points from “The Lord’s Prayer” before explaining how it ties into His crucial parable of the Importunate Neighbour.

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Pray In This Manner

Pray In This Manner examines Yahshua’s teachings regarding PRAYER and His perfect outline for doing the act according to the sixth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel. How long does God take to answer our cries? Is chanting or public prayer even allowed? This sermon shows the importance of communication with Yahweh and also provides the faithful several “keys” into exercising a more prayerful life.

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Careful How You Hear

Careful How You Hear (CPM Sessions) uses the Gospel of Luke 8:4-18 to expand upon the “thorns” of Yahweh’s curses in Genesis 3:17 & 18. By understanding the parable of the seed and the sower Christians are better equipped to understand the distinct classes of believers and what causes many of the faithful to fall aside. This sermon proves that God’s plagues in the beginning still stand for ALL ages!

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The Spirit Is Truth!

The Spirit Is Truth! reexamines the first letter of John 5:1-9 to establish that Yahweh’s Law is not only applicable for today’s sickened society but the very answer to many of Israel’s current tribulations. This cheery sermon discusses the scriptural reality of the “trinity” in order to instruct Christian Identists on how to overcome their daily obstacles through faith in God’s unchanging (and eternal) Word.

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No Greater Joy

No Greater Joy covers both the second and third epistles of John (in their entirety) to establish what an “antichrist” truly is. By studying these two letters to the churches Christians are better able to spot the deceivers that work against the genuine teachings of Christ as transcribed in His Word. This energetic sermon exposes the devil’s iniquitous seed and begins to answer the question “What is faith?”

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The Phinehas Covenant

The Phinehas Covenant is often overlooked by mainstream Christianity because it straightforwardly deals with God’s Laws forbidding miscegenation and idolatry! This sermon explains who Phinehas was and why his act of violence caused Yahweh to retract a curse designed to destroy the Israelites and instead make an “everlasting covenant of friendship” with his perpetual descendants.

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Praying For Death?

ANSWP Spiritual Hour: Praying For The Death of God’s Enemies

Michael Burks is back hosting his program the ANSWP Spiritual Hour with special guest Pastor Visser. Is it wrong to pray for the death of God’s enemies? What does Christian Identity teach? What’s the difference between duel-seedline and single seedline? Who are the false prophets of CI? Find the answers to these questions and so much more in this notable 64 minute show.

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Pagan Holidays: Thus Far

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Is Easter Christian?

Here is a deeper look at the origins of Easter where Pastor Visser provides essential information for honest Christians. We expand on the very meaning of the word and trace it back to the whore “queen of heaven” Ishtar. In addition, we see how lilies, eggs and lent have come to be a part of this modern-day pagan festival “subverting entire houses.” Don’t miss it!

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Samhain: Green Man of Death

Recorded the morning before Halloween, Samhain: Green Man of Death is more a warning to Christians to refrain from following this wicked way of Cain. Pastor Visser examines the origins of the Fall festival known as All Hollows Eve and looks into the Green Man bard in the process. This is an anti-witch study about death itself as Samhain is considered Satan’s evening. Don’t miss it!

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