What is Dual Seedline?

What is Dual Seedline? scrutinizes four main doctrines that Christian Identity pastors “in-name-only” often use to lead their listeners directly into judaism. This Covenant Gathering broadcast looks at the seduction of Eve, reality of Satan, importance of baptism and use of Yahweh’s sacred Name and the modern jewish view of these teachings before confirming these teachings exist paradoxically in the Holy Bible.

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Contend For the Faith!

Contend For the Faith! is an expository Covenant Gathering sermon proving the similarities between the complete epistle of JUDE to Enoch and Peter’s writings. Why does this New Testament author use Sodom, Cain, Balaam, Korah and Lucifer as examples? This “half-brother” of Christ warns that towards the finale of this age false prophets will work against Yahweh’s truth to further Satan’s agenda on earth.

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Pernicious Ways

Pernicious Ways uses the text of II Peter 2:1-3 to explain what drives false prophets to lie for “filthy lucre’s sake” and how Christians can overcome their deception. The Bible clearly teaches that the majority of our people would rather listen to fake teachers and only the elect of Yahweh will resist them. This lecture is designed to be a portable homily concerning false prophets and their untrue dogmas.

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What Is Charity?

What Is Charity? is an exposition on I Corinthians 13:1-13 that explains genuine Christian love. If God is love (1 John 4:8) can atheists express sincere charity? How should Christians care for one another? Is love greater than faith or hope? In this letter the apostle Paul says “we see through a glass darkly” but can often forget our genuine image if we refuse to repent when convicted by Yahweh’s Word.

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Christian Desire (Part #2)

Christian Desire (Part #2) continues to describe what faithful Christians should be wishing for by examining several New Testament passages proving hypocrites often flock to religion because they desire the glory of men. Yahshua our Messiah warns “Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes” (Luke 20:46) and even James informs that wars of men come from wicked desires (James 4:1).

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Christian Desire (Part #1)

Christian Desire (Part #1) clarifies the difference between want and desire by highlighting several passages of scripture that explain what the faithful should covet. Is there a secret to answered prayer? Is desire evil? This brief sermon provides a “want list” from three different New Testament authors proving desire itself is not sinful and Christians should seek to see their countries under Yahweh’s Law.

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Speak the Oracles of God

Speak the Oracles of God analyses Ist Peter 4:1-11 to establish that Christian suffering is to be expected from most people that follow “the will of the Gentiles.” Why are the faithful ostracized from their former companions once they accept Yahweh’s Law as authoritative? What is the only thing worth discussing? Peter explains His sheep should always have the Word of God in their replies to this unbelieving world.

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As Sheep Going Astray

As Sheep Going Astray examines Ist Peter 2:21-25 in light of Matthew 5:38-48 to prove the power of loving our personal enemies. This sermon about being wrongfully accused deals with the uncomfortable topics of “doing good to our people that hate us” and “blessing them who curse us.” We also prove Jesus added to the Old Testament law on ‘eye for eye’ and Peter instructs Christians to be perfected in love.

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The Barren Fig Tree

The Barren Fig Tree has the distinction of being the final sermon in the Covenant People’s Ministry “parable” series, the 99th official broadcast in Luke (with ten additional lectures preached before 2014) and an invite to decide the next topic for Pastor Visser! This closing discourse uses Genesis 3:7 to confirm Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover their nudity and highlights a lesser-known parable from Judges 9:8-15.

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A Thief in the Night

A Thief in the Night inspects the return of Christ from II Peter 3:3-14 to prove it comes at a time when the world least expects. Peter says before Yahshua’s second advent many will walk after their own lusts feeling “God is dead” thus unashamed. This sermon establishes God’s time table regarding His end-time prophecies and commands faithful sheep to always be “hasting” the coming Day of the LORD.

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