DSCI For Dummies (Part #5)

DSCI For Dummies (Part #5) is a simplified look at the migrations of the tribe of Dan assembled from a variety of literary resources. Also discussed in this lengthy broadcast is Craig Cobb’s recent arrest for terrorism, upcoming projects from both The Christian Identity Forum and CPM in addition to ten bonus hand-picked Desert Island Verses centering around a personal or national “falling away” from faith.

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Shepherd of the Sheep

Shepherd of the Sheep inspects the Gospel of John 10:1-18 to prove that Yahshua’s people can recognize truth when it shows itself and His parable of the Good Shepherd covers all three aspects of His statement; “I am the WAY, and the TRUTH, and the LIFE. No one comes to the Father unless by me” (John 14:6). Also discussed is Satan’s “goat company” comprised of thieves, murderers and destroyers.

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NSFM: McBride & Visser

NSFM: McBride & Visser [#113] finds White Nationalism and Christian Identity both peaceably focusing on current issues and providing important updates to the cause. Outlined are many “movement crooks” and failed organizations that have come and gone with a lively discussion on George Zimmerman’s recent “not guilty” verdict. This broadcast is mostly secular and contains some adult language.

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Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom

Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom [#188] finds Pastors Visser and Wickstrom discussing current events like the recent George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin (hate crime) court trial. This hour-long Christian Identity broadcast also grants “the Viss” a platform to explain some lesser-known facts about Covenant People’s Ministry and clues listeners in to much-anticipated Obie & Visser shows.

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Viking: The Son of Olga

Viking: The Son of Olga is technically the first part of Obie & Visser’s look at the Druids because unforeseen circumstances cut this special holiday broadcast short! While continued in Viking: Son of Goldblatt this opening segment begins to unravel the mysteries behind these somewhat misunderstood tribes. Also discussed are wombats, wallabies and the recent outbreak of verbal “racial abuse” in Australia.

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Doubting Thomas

Doubting Thomas covers the Gospel of John 20:24-29 in order to focus solely on skeptical Thomas and why he required a sign from God in order to believe. This brief and relaxed sermon further explains why Christian Identists must place more importance on the spirit as opposed to meaningless flesh and discusses the similarities between lackluster followers of Christ and the utterly godless atheists.

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Desert Island Verses (Part #6)

Desert Island Verses (Part #6) deals solely with false prophets and their warped tactics. Join Obie and Visser for ten more hand-picked verses important in identifying why lying teachers exist peppered with casual conversation pertaining to current events. This monthly series arms Christian soldiers with essential discussion and fellowship even allowing callers the ability to ask questions, join us every week!

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Who was King James?

Who was King James? allows Obadiah 1:18 of The Christian Identity Forum to provide historical background into the person of King James himself. While not a promotion of the KJV Bible it shows how the enemy has an interest in smearing Christian men thus this special show explains the genuine King James of Scotland using direct quotes from known figures of his time. Upcoming events are discussed.

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Visser On The Program

Visser On The Program was a unique broadcast in that it was more a highjacking of a “targeted individual” radio show. Pastor Visser steps to the plate and delivers an animated thirty minute sermon dealing with general Christian Identity doctrine resulting in positive reviews overall. Were Yahshua and John the Baptist pursued by their own governments? Contains part of the mislaid post-sermon dialog.

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Dr. J. Wickstrom Interview

Dr. J. Wickstrom Interview is a special conversation with one of the most well-known teachers in Racial Identity: Dr. James P. Wickstrom. This lively discussion provides listeners with plenty of “spiritual meat” that might take a lifetime to digest even giving you a “behind the scenes” of the Larry King Show. The latter half of this unique Godcast finds Obie & Visser doing their typical news and preaching.

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