Mother’s Day Sermon

Mother’s Day Sermon is a special Covenant Gathering broadcast scrutinizing the motherhood of Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Jochebed, Hannah, Bathsheba, Elizabeth and Mary. From “the mother of all living” (Genesis 3:20) to “the mother of us all” (Galatians 4:26) this lecture is meant to explain Yahweh’s intention for creating women and further prove the importance of motherhood to the Abrahamic covenant.

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Old Things Passed Away

Old Things Passed Away is a sermon using Peter’s 2nd epistle (in addition to Isaiah and three letters from Paul) to prove Christians must die to self in order to keep their pledges. Being the first CPM sermon of the year 2016 the main focus of this homily is “forgiving self” because this allows Yahweh to make us new creatures. We must be equipped with the correct strength to keep our New Year resolutions.

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Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit is an expository style sermon using Paul’s epistle to the Romans 8:1-17 to explain the major differences between the flesh and spirit. The latter apostle clarifies that carnally-minded Israelites are at war with Yahweh and “they in the flesh cannot please God” so this broadcast delves into the subject of the Holy Spirit and its quickening. Also covered is Christ fulfilling the Old Testament Law.

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More Milk of the Word

More Milk of the Word uses Ist Peter 2:1-10 to establish the importance of not “studying ourselves retarded” over accepting the simplicity that exists in Christ. We cover the five things that will hinder spiritual growth and what must be done to have an ever-increasing faith in Yahweh. Also explained are several tactics of false prophets and how they make the uncomplicated more difficult and confusing.

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Joachim and Anna

Joachim and Anna revisits the Gospel of Mary 1:1-6 (and the Protevangelion 2:1-10) to establish that the parents of the virgin Mary were patient when requesting a daughter from Yahweh. Also showcased are the similarities between the teachings of Jesus and His “grandparents according to the flesh” Joachim and Anna. This is considered a precursor to our upcoming Nativity sermon scheduled for Christmas.

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Yahweh Joins Together

Yahweh Joins Together looks at our Messiah’s thoughts and teachings on marriage, divorce and adultery from the Gospel of Mark 10:1-12. Surveyed are hypocritical Pharisees that attempted to trick Jesus using the Law of Moses and how exactly He dealt with (and eventually overcame) them. Marital advice is provided as well as commentary on the current state of marriage in today’s rebuilt Babylon.

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The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life looks deeper at the Holy Spirit and forgiveness by using Isaiah 57:14-21 to prove Yahweh imparts a piece of His own Spirit ONLY to those He chooses. Is everybody “equal” in Yahweh’s eyes? We also probe Romans 8:28-29 to see how genuine Christians never fear men and further explain how to have compassion for the repentant using the pattern laid out by our heavenly Father.

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Predestination & Free Will

Predestination & Free Will is a meaningful look into “preexistence” proving the subject matters of predestination and free will are far more supported by canonized scripture than “life before birth.” Did our spirits keep Yahweh company before we were born as flesh and blood beings? Has Yahweh preordained our lives? Or are Christians just slavishly following a script our Messiah has written for each of us?

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According To His Will

According To His Will returns to the text of I John 5:10-21 to prove that anything genuine Christians ask of Yahweh must be in accordance with His moral Law. The apostle John makes a solemn warning against idol worship in this chapter thus further explanation of “graven images” is provided. This sermon shows the value of knowing Christ in obtaining eternal life with Yahweh in His Kingdom.

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The Spirit Is Truth!

The Spirit Is Truth! reexamines the first letter of John 5:1-9 to establish that Yahweh’s Law is not only applicable for today’s sickened society but the very answer to many of Israel’s current tribulations. This cheery sermon discusses the scriptural reality of the “trinity” in order to instruct Christian Identists on how to overcome their daily obstacles through faith in God’s unchanging (and eternal) Word.

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