Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom

Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom [#188] finds Pastors Visser and Wickstrom discussing current events like the recent George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin (hate crime) court trial. This hour-long Christian Identity broadcast also grants “the Viss” a platform to explain some lesser-known facts about Covenant People’s Ministry and clues listeners in to much-anticipated Obie & Visser shows.

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Doubting Thomas

Doubting Thomas covers the Gospel of John 20:24-29 in order to focus solely on skeptical Thomas and why he required a sign from God in order to believe. This brief and relaxed sermon further explains why Christian Identists must place more importance on the spirit as opposed to meaningless flesh and discusses the similarities between lackluster followers of Christ and the utterly godless atheists.

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Who was King James?

Who was King James? allows Obadiah 1:18 of The Christian Identity Forum to provide historical background into the person of King James himself. While not a promotion of the KJV Bible it shows how the enemy has an interest in smearing Christian men thus this special show explains the genuine King James of Scotland using direct quotes from known figures of his time. Upcoming events are discussed.

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The Rock In Horeb

The Rock In Horeb (CPM Sessions) explores the complete seventeenth chapter of Exodus to prove the ancient Israelites dispersed into “the Desert of Sin” became additionally vexed by the pageantry and faithlessness found within the surrounding lands. Discover how our lawgiver Moses recovered water from the Rock for our yearning forefathers and what this act of faith represents to latter day Christians.

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Desert Island Verses (Part #4)

Desert Island Verses (Part #4) provides listeners with ten detailed scripture verses dealing with the topic of “backsliding” or apostasy in general. By examining what causes the faithful to fall aside modern Christians are better equipped in taking measures to avoid these same pitfalls and strengthen their own walks with Yahweh. Like usual, Obie & Visser discuss current events pertinent to Christian Identity.

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Crucify the Flesh

Crucify the Flesh explores Paul’s letter to the Galatians 5:15-26 to explain how to “walk in the Spirit.” By examining each specific characteristic of the “works of the flesh” the Identity Christian is more equipped to spot the enemy weed sown in amongst the wheat. Many warnings against men who seek vain glory are showcased alongside an extensive list of actions committed by natural men.

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Spiritual Gifts (Part #4)

Spiritual Gifts (Part #4) is a landmark broadcast that begins with several CI announcements and then provides detailed coverage of the 1st epistle of Paul to the Corinthians 12:10-20. The latter segments of this lengthy show feature an in-depth interview with NewsGuy into the background of his weekly radio show and several callers express their concerns concerning recent slander attacks from the enemy.

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The Spirit Is Truth!

The Spirit Is Truth! reexamines the first letter of John 5:1-9 to establish that Yahweh’s Law is not only applicable for today’s sickened society but the very answer to many of Israel’s current tribulations. This cheery sermon discusses the scriptural reality of the “trinity” in order to instruct Christian Identists on how to overcome their daily obstacles through faith in God’s unchanging (and eternal) Word.

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Sifted Among Nations

Sifted Among Nations uses three minor prophets (Amos, Joel and Micah) to explain the events surrounding the “Day of the Lord.” In this uplifting sermon we contrast the diverse rewards that both the chosen seed of Israel’s race and Satan’s wicked progeny receive from Yahweh. Judgment Day is a period of destruction thus scriptural imagery of the lifeless earth is presented within this analysis.

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Gospel of Thomas (Part #4)

Gospel of Thomas (Part #4) illuminates who the “grape vines” are that suffer from the wrath of Yahweh during the coming day of the Lord. Understand what the blood from the winepress represents and discover a location where Light produces itself! We further highlight the importance of living peaceably, not serving two masters and even expound upon numerous warnings against adulteration.

Download the mp3 here or here (13.7 mb).