Esau Have I Hated

Esau Have I Hated covers highlights from the book of the minor prophet Malachi by establishing Yahweh still loves Jacob (the Israelites) and literally hates Esau (the Edomites). There are false prophets among our people! God will curse the deceiver and his offspring! This sermon provides a brief overview of the Old Testament book and attempts to show many parallels to the four New Covenant Gospels.

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Malachi (Part #4)

Malachi (Part #4) concludes our four-part examination of the minor prophet by scrutinizing “God robbers” who steal tithes and offerings from Yahweh. Is the law of Moses now obsolete? What are the specific sins of Israel? This final sermon inspects the closing prophecies given to the Israelites before the coming of John the Baptist (the spirit of Elijah) and our very Redeemer (messenger of the new covenant).

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Malachi (Part #3)

Malachi (Part #3) looks at the specific sins of Judean priests during the time of Malachi like whoring after foreign women and claiming Yahweh approves of sin. Are there God robbers amongst us? Do phony priests call good evil and vise versa? This third sermon scrutinizes the coming of the spirit of Elijah being John the Baptist who offered “water” as a step to overcome the “fire” of His return (Matthew 11:14).

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Malachi (Part #2)

Malachi (Part #2) continues our examination of the final book of the Old Testament proving the rebuilt temple remained polluted even after Christ “cleansed” it five hundred years later. What are the views of God concerning divorce? Can the blood of he-goats truly cleanse us from sin? This sermon deals with six disputes of Yahweh against His Israelites confirming the final Levitical covenant had been corrupted.

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Malachi (Part #1)

Malachi (Part #1) begins a four-part study on the minor prophet by demonstrating Yahweh abhors Esau and his Edomite offspring forever (Romans 9:13) and the prophecies Malachi gives are against sinful Israelites and their priests. Are Christians allowed to hate like our King? This opening segment provides background on the book and confirms Yahweh will curse all deceivers that despise His sacred Name.

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