Satan: Fact Or Fiction?

Satan: Fact Or Fiction? exposes many faces of God’s literal adversary and the imposter “tares” that protect the devil by preaching against a defacto tempter. Contrary to what false prophets teach – Satan is NOT our flesh! Part of the Christogenos program, this lengthy broadcast features Pastor Visser discussing the reality of Lucifer followed by an hour of Q&A with prayer and fellowship.

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One Father

One Father explains why there’s only one genuine God, faith and baptism for Yahweh’s chosen Israelite people and (more importantly) the fact that there are numerous lowercase “gods” in the world. By listening to this brief lecture Christians can arm themselves with fundamental teachings that have always been accepted by Christendom to shun profane babblings that lead the faithless aside.

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A Virtuous Woman?

A Virtuous Woman? contrasts the ideal woman of Proverbs 31:10-31 with several examples of whores from an earlier part of Solomon’s same book. This sermon is beneficial to both sexes that may be considering matrimony during today’s apostasy because it provides illustrations of what to look for in a Christian partner. The creation of Adam and Eve is partially covered in order to define marriage.

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Enoch’s Walk of Faith

Enoch’s Walk of Faith explains that the prophet Enoch was taken by Yahweh for the purpose of receiving visions concerning our latter age. This sermon provides clarity on the Nephilim (or “the Watchers”) of Genesis 6 while proving the importance of reading ALL scripture, including non-canonized texts. This casual study uses the Bible and several books of Enoch to stress the importance of faith.

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Ten Commandments 4

Ten Commandments (Part #4) completes our four-part examination into Yahweh’s Ten Commandments by defining the Bible’s teachings on “covetousness” and greed. Our final segment provides a brief overview of the entire series while highlighting (and expanding) key teachings beneficial to the Identity Christian. This Aryan Nations Radio broadcast originally aired on the Turner Radio Network.

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Ten Commandments 3

Ten Commandments (Part #3) examines the seventh, eighth and ninth commands of God providing listeners with a brief overview of Yahweh’s Law from a dual-seedline Christian Identity perspective. Thanks to the Turner Radio Network these three “shorts” done for Aryan Nations Revival have reached thousands of Christians by internet and countless more near New York City through the airwaves.

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Never Taste of Death

Never Taste of Death: John 8

Never Taste of Death: John 8 (obviously) covers the complete eighth chapter from John’s gospel but from a much different perspective than Before Abraham Was, I AM. Listen to this hour long sermon and you’ll learn how to identify false Israelites (or tares) and who exactly murdered Christ. Almost everybody familiar with Christian Identity knows John 8 – this is basically Pastor Visser’s take.

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Exposition of Jude

Filthy Dreamers: An Exposition of Jude

Filthy Dreamers: An Exposition of Jude is an investigation into the short epistle that explains fallen angels set aside by Yahweh for Judgment. This epistle helps Christians to spot false teachers that teach against “the common salvation.” In this 33 minute sermon we also explore phony prophets that engage in the way of Cain and the war between Michael and Satan for the body of Moses.

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