The Twelve Disciples

The Twelve Disciples is a Covenant Gathering broadcast that scrutinizes each apostle hand-picked by Christ by explaining their occupation, characteristic and known historical icon. Each part of the Israelite’s “spiritual nature” from love to betrayal are represented in these extraordinary men therefore this lecture attempts to provide listeners with a portable overview of Yahshua’s most well-known followers.

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Contend For the Faith!

Contend For the Faith! is an expository Covenant Gathering sermon proving the similarities between the complete epistle of JUDE to Enoch and Peter’s writings. Why does this New Testament author use Sodom, Cain, Balaam, Korah and Lucifer as examples? This “half-brother” of Christ warns that towards the finale of this age false prophets will work against Yahweh’s truth to further Satan’s agenda on earth.

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Every Man Is Tempted (Part #2)

Every Man Is Tempted (Part #2) continues examining the general epistle of James 1:13-27 to verify that overcoming temptation is essential to increase faith towards our Father. This second of two mini-sermons explains “pure religion” and why Christians must be DOERS of the Word in addition to meek listeners. The Bible is attributed to a mirror in the first chapter of James’ dispatch – dare to gaze within its pages?

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Every Man Is Tempted (Part #1)

Every Man Is Tempted (Part #1) proves the tempter allures through an Israelite’s weakness or vanity by examining the general epistle of James 1:1-16. Is Satan just man’s flesh? Does Yahweh “tempt” His creation or are the mortal more powerful than Him? Where does “free will” fit into enticement? This first of two mini-sermons explains the difference between beguilement and temptation from the New Testament.

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Wandering Stars

Wandering Stars closely examines the topic of false prophets “crept in unawares” and the purpose of the Watchers spoken of by Enoch. This sermon covers the entire general epistle of Jude to establish that Yahweh is in control of both the righteous and wicked seeds thus His perfect Will is done irregardless of man’s desire. The reality of Satan and his angels (like those that fell in Genesis 6) is proven.

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