Jacob Have I Loved

Jacob Have I Loved explains why Esau was hated by Yahweh and proves his brother Jacob was fancied because he contended for the birthright. Was trickery involved in Jacob’s blessing? What did Esau do to anger God? This broadcast of The Covenant Gathering aired on Euro Folk Radio and uses the non-canonized books of Jasher 27:8-14, 2nd Esdras 6:9 and Jubilees 19:10-23 to verify Edom is cursed.

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Titus: Evil Beasts

Titus: Evil Beasts examines false dogmas like “the flat earth theory” or “Satan is man’s flesh” in light of what the apostle Paul instructs genuine Christian pastors to espouse. What are the positions of men and women in the church structure? Is servitude and slavery permitted under the New Covenant? This sermon on the second chapter of Paul’s letter to Titus provides answers and again challenges a debate.

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Tactics of Satan

Tactics of Satan is “old meets new” featuring a recently discovered and much cleaner version of Pastor Visser’s popular Tactics of the Lawless One sermon with speculation on Obie & Visser’s “split” done through recent CPM audio clips by the JewsGuy show. A refreshing way of looking at Satan’s strategies because fallen angels, demons, temptations, tares, scoffers and antichrists are covered.

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Seduction of the Innocent II

Seduction of the Innocent II allows Obie & Visser to examine the jews’ involvement in the comic book industry and their reasons for promoting a fictional view of reality towards Israelite children. Outlined is the purpose of the Comics Code Authority and some examples of antichrist graphic novel titles are provided. Current events, prophetic news and upcoming CPM programs are discussed as usual.

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No God Speed

No God Speed focuses solely on II John 1:6-13 to prove that Christians show their love towards Yahweh through obedience to scripture. More importantly this short sermon proves that Christians are NOT to allow those who worship lowercase “gods” within their homes and doing so risks curses from Yahweh. During the intermission enjoy several audio clips from other talking heads about Obie & Viss.

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Hollywood: World of Jews

Hollywood: World of Jews is the loosely-based continuation of Hollywood’s Wizard Wand of Satanic Images that finds Obie & Visser updating listeners to the current state of the media and the power behind it. Do jews own Hollywood? Discover how motion pictures and television sitcoms helped transform a once-Christian nation into country of degenerates and godless atheists within a few decades!

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Obie, Visser & Pastor Bob

Obie, Visser & Pastor Bob allows Dr. Wickstrom’s co-host to provide updates on current events since his last appearance on the Obie & Visser show. Discussed are Obama’s reelection, the Sandy Hook massacre and so much more! In this broadcast Pastor Bob provides greater insight into our modern apostasy proving that only obedience to Yahweh will deliver the saints from future upcoming trials.

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Jesus Was NOT a Jew!

Jesus Was NOT a Jew! showcases Pastor Eli James joining Obie and Visser for serious investigation into the racial linage of our Messiah using scripture and a variety of other historical sources. We examine Pilate’s false charge against Jesus “the King of the Jews” and learn who exactly the false Judeans are mentioned in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. A great study into a very important Christian Identity topic.

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A Reprobate Mind

A Reprobate Mind uses the 22nd chapter of 1st Kings and first chapter of Paul’s new testament epistle to the Romans to prove that it’s Yahweh Himself that causes those who forsake His Law to have debased thoughts. Discover why the false prophets of easy-believism exist and who exactly sends the “deluding spirit” that misguide the half-hearted masses by listening to this energetic sermon.

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No Satan? Says Lucifer!

Is there a literal Satan?

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