Encounters with Angels (Part #2)

Encounters with Angels (Part #2) is the second of two lectures examining scriptural instances of people that had dealings with Yahweh’s heavenly host. This concluding broadcast looks at New Testament examples like Mary Magdalene, Zechariah, the virgin Mary, the “nativity” shepherds, the remaining apostles, Phillip, Cornelius, Peter and Paul while establishing angels intervened within their lives.

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New Testament Warnings

New Testament Warnings looks at eighteen specific admonitions from the Bible and quizzes the listener on their scriptural familiarity. This Covenant Gathering broadcast uses only “new covenant” epistles to show the condition of Christ denying us, being cast into the lake of fire, knowing antichrist(s) and additional apostolic tenants while aiding the faithful in spotting false prophets in Christian Identity.

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Dealing with Sin

Dealing with Sin provides the Biblical definition of “sin” and proves Christ taught Yahweh’s Law is in effect before Pastor Visser equips listeners with ten New Testament verses regarding repentance. Are we “once saved always saved?” How do we walk in the Holy Spirit? This short homily will help the lost sheep of the house of Israel take steps to ensure forgiveness and be able to “go and sin no more (John 8:11).”

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The Twelve Disciples

The Twelve Disciples is a Covenant Gathering broadcast that scrutinizes each apostle hand-picked by Christ by explaining their occupation, characteristic and known historical icon. Each part of the Israelite’s “spiritual nature” from love to betrayal are represented in these extraordinary men therefore this lecture attempts to provide listeners with a portable overview of Yahshua’s most well-known followers.

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Every Man Is Tempted (Part #2)

Every Man Is Tempted (Part #2) continues examining the general epistle of James 1:13-27 to verify that overcoming temptation is essential to increase faith towards our Father. This second of two mini-sermons explains “pure religion” and why Christians must be DOERS of the Word in addition to meek listeners. The Bible is attributed to a mirror in the first chapter of James’ dispatch – dare to gaze within its pages?

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Every Man Is Tempted (Part #1)

Every Man Is Tempted (Part #1) proves the tempter allures through an Israelite’s weakness or vanity by examining the general epistle of James 1:1-16. Is Satan just man’s flesh? Does Yahweh “tempt” His creation or are the mortal more powerful than Him? Where does “free will” fit into enticement? This first of two mini-sermons explains the difference between beguilement and temptation from the New Testament.

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Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom

Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom [#211] finds “Wick & Viss” discussing the pagan roots of the Christmas holiday and providing damning quotes against its observance. Who is Satan Claws? Why do people decorate trees? Find out! This powerful study is completely anti-Christmas and provides many answers as to when and where Jesus was born in addition to commentary regarding white nations in general.

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Jesus Was NOT a Jew!

Jesus Was NOT a Jew! showcases Pastor Eli James joining Obie and Visser for serious investigation into the racial linage of our Messiah using scripture and a variety of other historical sources. We examine Pilate’s false charge against Jesus “the King of the Jews” and learn who exactly the false Judeans are mentioned in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. A great study into a very important Christian Identity topic.

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Infancy II (Part #2)

Thomas’s Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus Christ (Part #2) finishes this two-part series by examining “shoulder-hoppers” and the attitudes of Yahshua’s detractors when He was a youth. We confirm that Yahweh is the God of the Old Covenant just as Christ is the God of the New Testament. Christian Identists can learn the background behind Jesus’ relationship with His step-father Joseph by listening today!

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Gospel of Thomas (Part #6)

Gospel of Thomas (Part #6) continues to cover the next eighteen verses of this Gnostic Gospel and offers elucidation on the most popular verse from the text; “Split a piece of wood, and I AM there.” In this sermon we discover who the genuine “Light” is by learning that Yahweh does NOT dwell in buildings made by man. Pastor Visser also continues to address the buffoonery of our detractors.

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