Jacob Is Not Like Them

Jacob Is Not Like Them uses select verses from the text of Jeremiah 51 to establish (once again) that EVERY person sees themselves as “righteous” in their own eyes – even the most rebellious to Yahweh! Mankind certainly has the unfortunate ability to justify their opinions within scripture as opposed to seeking out God’s Will for theirselves which openly effects their ability to read the Bible properly.

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Obie and Visser “Freestyle”

Obie and Visser “Freestyle” – Obadiah 1:18 again joins Pastor Visser to continue discussing the current state of Christian Identity. This lengthy broadcast is quite unique in that it becomes an interview where several lesser-known facts pertaining to the infancy of Covenant People’s Ministry are made known. Both men express the importance of familiarization of scripture in this “freestyle” sermon.

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Lost Gospel of Peter (Part #2)

Lost Gospel of Peter (Part #2) completes our two part examination into the “lost” Gospel of Peter on the 4th of July! In this sermon we highlight several inconsistencies between the historical book and the post-Crucifixion accounts detailed in the King James Version of the Bible. The apostle Peter explains the government attempted to falsely accuse the remaining disciples of burning down churches.

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Gospel of Thomas (Part #6)

Gospel of Thomas (Part #6) continues to cover the next eighteen verses of this Gnostic Gospel and offers elucidation on the most popular verse from the text; “Split a piece of wood, and I AM there.” In this sermon we discover who the genuine “Light” is by learning that Yahweh does NOT dwell in buildings made by man. Pastor Visser also continues to address the buffoonery of our detractors.

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Most Wise God: Creation of Light

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Jesus Christ: The Most Wise God

This single study preached in the summer of 2006 actually consists of two different sermons, Jesus Christ: The World’s Most Hated God with Wisdom and Understanding. In less than 40 minutes Pastor Visser once again scrutinizes the topics of “fearing God” and “Christian suffering” directly from the pages of the Holy Bible. “Be as wise as serpents” and listen to this today!

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Creation of Light: Alpha & Omega

Examining the concept of Biblical “Light” from beginning to end, Creation of Light: Alpha & Omega helps to unlock yet another face of God. Jesus teaches; “I am the light of the world” in John 9:5 so Pastor Visser has provided this handy 27 minute sermon tracing the creation of the Messiah from the very first chapter of Genesis to the later writings of John the Revelator.

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This Is Christian Music? is the earliest known sermon by Pastor Visser reissued for mp3 and CD release on its tenth anniversary! Not everything claiming to be Christian truly is! This weaker study into “Contemporary Christian Music” was initially preached in the Summer of 1998 but now features a new introduction explaining the creation and future goals of Covenant People’s Ministry.