Samhain VI: Downfall of Satan

Samhain VI: Downfall of Satan continues our longest-running sequence by discussing Yahweh’s Truth, Covenant People’s Books and Pastor Visser’s removal from Euro Folk Radio before proving Lucifer is a literal adversary. This somber livestream provides an overview on the entire Pagan Holiday series ( from Greenman of Death to Obie & Viss ) and also provides updates on Covenant People’s Ministry.

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Obie & Visser: Samhain V

Obie & Visser: Samhain V – Obie and Visser make their long-awaited “return” with a special Halloween edition of the show. We’re now a monthly podcast as neither host has the time to do a weekly edition because Obie will be hosting a podcast that focuses on matters of interest to Christian Identists in Australia and The Viss will continue to broadcast his popular solo sermons about twice per week.

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All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Day?

All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Day? is a lengthy investigation into the origins of All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day broadcasted LIVE on Halloween evening 2012. In this forth part of a long-running series Pastor Visser and Obadiah 1:18 explain the Christian roots of these three festivals and how the Celtic festival of Samhain became interjected “paganizing” them in the process.

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Obadiah’s Odd Vision

Samhain: Vision of Obadiah

This special Samhain broadcast called Vision of Obadiah is unlike any other released by Covenant People’s Ministry! Aside from the “Death Metal” Christian music and peculiar sound effects, this exposition is a full study into the downfall of our Edomite enemy during the “Day of the Lord.” This hour-long sermon covers the Book of Obadiah and the fifth chapter of Enoch.

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The Green Man is loosed…

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Quote: Recorded the morning before Halloween, Samhain: Green Man of Death is more a warning to Christians to refrain from following this wicked way of Cain. Pastor Visser examines the origins of the Fall festival known as All Hollows Eve and looks into the Green Man bard in the process. This is an anti-witch study about death itself as Samhain is considered Satan’s evening. Don’t miss it!

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