Secrets of Answered Prayer

Secrets of Answered Prayer looks at four ways the faithful can increase their chances of Yahweh pouring out His blessings in their personal lives. Does our Father answer every prayer? Is He bound to forgive sinners? This sermon highlights several New Testament commandments all concerning prayer and its necessity to Israelites today proving oftentimes it’s our “asking amiss” that causes unanswered prayer.

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Identity in Christ (Part #2)

Identity in Christ (Part #2) completes our two-part series by scrutinizing the final four steps in identifying ourselves with Yahshua; taking up our cross daily, walking in the Spirit, constant Bible study and being consecrated to help our people. This second of two sermons will equip new listeners to the DS Identity message with the simple basics of Christian living and implant faith within Yahweh’s living progeny.

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Solaric and Edenic Covenants

Solaric and Edenic Covenants attempts to explain the first two contracts made by Yahweh in scripture to the solar system and Adam and Eve before their fall from grace. Why was “man” told to replenish the earth? What was the tree of knowledge? This special release contains both air and studio versions due to this series cancellation yet the truths contained within are still very pertinent to the Christian walk.

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Identity in Christ (Part #1)

Identity in Christ (Part #1) looks at the first four steps of eight in identifying ourselves with Yahshua; making proper confession, crucifying the old man, having faith in Him and walking in the Light. This first of two sermons on Christian living is meant to equip new listeners to the Identity message with basic dual-seedline doctrine and instructs the faithful in how to withstand Satan-el and his bastard offspring.

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Return of Christ

Return of Christ closely surveys the ten forms of Yahshua’s second coming ranging from lightning (Matthew 24:27) to a thief (Rev. 16:15). This sermon provides an alternate viewpoint of the Day of the LORD showcasing the signs proving the Messiah has returned as opposed to before His coming. A fairly complete lecture on “The Return of Christ” which could easily complete the “Lessons From Luke” series.

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Parable of Two Sons

Parable of Two Sons is a special Father’s Day sermon exploring one of Yahshua’s lesser-known parables relating to different sons called to work the “vineyard” (meaning Yahweh’s people). This allegory is found only in the Gospel of Matthew 21:28-32 and explains that tax collectors and harlots will enter the Kingdom before the Pharisees thus we examine the apostle Matthew and the once-haunted Mary Magdalene.

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Parable of the Wedding

Parable of the Wedding features Luke’s additions to Yahshua’s “Parable of the Great Banquet” thus is found only in the Gospel of Luke 14:7-14 becoming a separate teaching regarding Christian humility. Many disciples argued among themselves over who was the noblest in Yahweh’s Kingdom causing Christ to remind them “whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.”

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Reasons for Plagues

Reasons for Plagues outlines fourteen specific sinful behaviors that always result in Yahweh pouring out His curses upon the Israelites. By highlighting the conditions of God’s Mosaic covenant faithful Saxons are better equipped in understanding our current woes are caused by turning our backs on the Creator. This sermon also provides a concise overview on “plague” as a word and its usage in scripture.

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Parable of the Seed

Parable of the Seed is a sermon comparing the picturesque allegory of Christ from the 21st statement in Thomas’ Gospel to Mark 4:26-34. This broadcast further confirms Yahweh has a literal “seed” (or children) on earth who desire their Father’s Law enforced for national prosperity. God created the earth to be fully automated thus His genuine offspring seek to further increase during the harvest by doing His Will.

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Pray In This Manner

Pray In This Manner examines Yahshua’s teachings regarding PRAYER and His perfect outline for doing the act according to the sixth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel. How long does God take to answer our cries? Is chanting or public prayer even allowed? This sermon shows the importance of communication with Yahweh and also provides the faithful several “keys” into exercising a more prayerful life.

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