Pastor Jeromy Visser & CPM

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (66) Pastor Jeromy Visser & CPM is the continuation of an interview conducted by Euro Folk Radio focused on available Covenant People’s Books and the history of Covenant People’s Forums. Want more information on Wick’s sidekick? This special broadcast allows “The Viss” to discuss more about his childhood, education, ministerial mistakes and impending projects from CPM.

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Pastor Jeromy Visser’s Bio

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (36) Pastor Jeromy Visser’s Bio is a relaxed interview about Covenant People’s Ministry that provides background into its roots and founding. This broadcast on Euro Folk Radio discusses a variety of important topics and allows Pastor Visser to talk about his childhood, Christian mentors and offer further history about CPM. The first of several broadcasts scheduled for the future.

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Home? I Haf No Home!

Home? I Haf No Home! is a nod to Bela Lugosi allowing Obadiah 1:18 of The Christian Identity Forum to explain the temporary downfall of his useful website, who exactly “targeted” it and when it’s expected to resurface. Obie’s DSCI web forum is a valuable resource for CI literature (most of which is unavailable elsewhere), great fellowship and a support-worthy place to stay updated on current events.

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Dr. J. Wickstrom Interview

Dr. J. Wickstrom Interview is a special conversation with one of the most well-known teachers in Racial Identity: Dr. James P. Wickstrom. This lively discussion provides listeners with plenty of “spiritual meat” that might take a lifetime to digest even giving you a “behind the scenes” of the Larry King Show. The latter half of this unique Godcast finds Obie & Visser doing their typical news and preaching.

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Desert Island Verses (Part #4)

Desert Island Verses (Part #4) provides listeners with ten detailed scripture verses dealing with the topic of “backsliding” or apostasy in general. By examining what causes the faithful to fall aside modern Christians are better equipped in taking measures to avoid these same pitfalls and strengthen their own walks with Yahweh. Like usual, Obie & Visser discuss current events pertinent to Christian Identity.

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Endure Until The End!

Endure Until The End! explains how our Christian walks are truly a game that must be played to win. Obie and Visser provide numerous quotations from Christ and the apostle Paul proving we must compete or “run the race” in order to be found acceptable by Yahweh for life within His eternal Kingdom. Also discussed are current horror films, recommended Christian Identity books and upcoming interviews.

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Spiritual Gifts (Part #1)

Spiritual Gifts (Part #1) uses the eighth chapter of Romans and 1st Corinthians 12:1-10 to describe several “powers” bestowed only to the sons of Yahweh. To fully serve our Father we must be able to express faith towards Him thus Obadiah 1:18 and Pastor Visser clarify the importance of prayer and Bible study. This is only the last HALF of the program as the TalkShoe network utterly lost this sermon!

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The Boxcar Sermon

The Boxcar Sermon deals specifically with the topic of bearing false witness and provides the listener with valuable keys in identifying Satan’s seed though their depraved actions. Using Yahweh’s Law and the parables of Christ we concrete the fact that liars and talebearers have no position within the Body of Christ but (ironically) serve other purposes towards advancing our coming Kingdom of God.

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Houses of Sand

Houses of Sand details why a foolish man builds his house with no foundation and what sand represents in scripture. This sermon also verifies that the Abrahamic Covenant is still in effect yet oftentimes Israelites make the mistake of constructing their belief systems based solely on their racial construct. Don’t have your rewards taken when hard times arise! Base Christian doctrine and beliefs on Christ.

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Titus (Part #1)

Paul’s Epistle To Titus (Part #1) teaches Christians how to discern genuine pastors from the numerous false prophets in the land. In this special two-part series examining the entire book of Titus we learn how the authentic church should be operated and the importance of the Word in establishing doctrine. We also examine seventeen qualifications (and disqualifications) of legitimate Bible teachers.

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