Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit is an expository style sermon using Paul’s epistle to the Romans 8:1-17 to explain the major differences between the flesh and spirit. The latter apostle clarifies that carnally-minded Israelites are at war with Yahweh and “they in the flesh cannot please God” so this broadcast delves into the subject of the Holy Spirit and its quickening. Also covered is Christ fulfilling the Old Testament Law.

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Joined To An Harlot

Joined To An Harlot showcases ten classes of sinful men not allowed entrance into Yahweh’s Kingdom directly from 1st Corinthians 1:10-29 and 6:9-20. Not everyone who believes in Yahshua will be spared. Paul’s list of iniquities that damn the soul coincide with Yahweh’s eternal Law thus this amateur sermon explains why fornication and adultery are seen as such grievous immoralities in the eyes of Jesus Christ.

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Every Man Is Tempted (Part #2)

Every Man Is Tempted (Part #2) continues examining the general epistle of James 1:13-27 to verify that overcoming temptation is essential to increase faith towards our Father. This second of two mini-sermons explains “pure religion” and why Christians must be DOERS of the Word in addition to meek listeners. The Bible is attributed to a mirror in the first chapter of James’ dispatch – dare to gaze within its pages?

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Every Man Is Tempted (Part #1)

Every Man Is Tempted (Part #1) proves the tempter allures through an Israelite’s weakness or vanity by examining the general epistle of James 1:1-16. Is Satan just man’s flesh? Does Yahweh “tempt” His creation or are the mortal more powerful than Him? Where does “free will” fit into enticement? This first of two mini-sermons explains the difference between beguilement and temptation from the New Testament.

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Eight Biblical Drunks

Eight Biblical Drunks examines the topic of drunkenness in scripture proving the outcome of consuming too much alcohol always has detrimental effects. Explored are eight specific examples of drunkards (both spiritually and literally) from Noah to the Ninevites that all Christian Identists can learn from. This sermon proves that all things must be in moderation and getting “plastered” is idolatry.

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Women Rule Over Them

Women Rule Over Them looks at a prophecy in Isaiah 3:1-15 concerning the tribe of Judah being punished for their many transgressions of Yahweh’s eternal Law and even provides numerous keys into end-time events. Why is it important for Christians to respect the ways of the ancients and what exactly does this mean in today’s godless society? Listen to this uplifting sermon to find the answers and more!

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Yahweh Joins Together

Yahweh Joins Together looks at our Messiah’s thoughts and teachings on marriage, divorce and adultery from the Gospel of Mark 10:1-12. Surveyed are hypocritical Pharisees that attempted to trick Jesus using the Law of Moses and how exactly He dealt with (and eventually overcame) them. Marital advice is provided as well as commentary on the current state of marriage in today’s rebuilt Babylon.

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Hollywood: World of Jews

Hollywood: World of Jews is the loosely-based continuation of Hollywood’s Wizard Wand of Satanic Images that finds Obie & Visser updating listeners to the current state of the media and the power behind it. Do jews own Hollywood? Discover how motion pictures and television sitcoms helped transform a once-Christian nation into country of degenerates and godless atheists within a few decades!

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Sheep From The Goats

Sheep From The Goats examines Yahshua’s parables of “the ten virgins” and “the sheep and the goats” from the 25th chapter of Matthew’s Gospel. By doing so Christians can confirm that MANY cast out by Christ in judgment will be professing Christians that believed they were doing the work of God! This cheery New Testament study further reinforces the importance of Yahweh’s eternal Law.

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Lost Gospel of Peter (Part #1)

Lost Gospel of Peter (Part #1) starts our investigation into this shorter non-canonized text detailing the Crucifixion of Christ. Peter’s version defers slightly from that found in the Authorized Bible thus we provide clarification on key points important to the Christian. Here the disciple makes no apologizes on transcribing some of the darker aspects surrounding Yahshua’s death, burial and Resurrection.

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