Blameless Bishops

Blameless Bishops is the loosely based sequel to “CI Fixation” and the very sermon many pastors “in name only” used in their attempt to remove Visser from the airwaves. Meant to honestly convict the Bible believer this lecture frankly looks at scripture’s requirements to be a preacher of Yahweh’s Word while also making no apologies for the quotes provided explaining the prerequisites of being an overseer.

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Apocalypse of Elijah

Apocalypse of Elijah provides an overview of the entire Gnostic book with emphasis on the final two chapters dealing with “that Man of Lawlessness” or the son of perdition. Is rapture a scriptural concept? This Covenant Gathering broadcast proves antichrist comes before Yahshua’s second advent persecuting the genuine church while showing many signs and wonders hoping to deceive the elect.

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Pernicious Ways

Pernicious Ways uses the text of II Peter 2:1-3 to explain what drives false prophets to lie for “filthy lucre’s sake” and how Christians can overcome their deception. The Bible clearly teaches that the majority of our people would rather listen to fake teachers and only the elect of Yahweh will resist them. This lecture is designed to be a portable homily concerning false prophets and their untrue dogmas.

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Modern Sadducees

Modern Sadducees proves that the angelic host are scripturally literal and their worship is forbidden by both Yahweh and the early church. Job was asked “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? While the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?” thus this sermon explains why Christ is considered “the bright and morning star” and Satan’s own ministers hide below light.

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Men-pleasers! uses the fourth Psalm of Solomon to compare the sincere preacher with those considered hypocrites by Yahweh for hiding behind His infinite Law. This study into the Gnostic book proves that bastards are never satisfied. Deceitful pastors have abilities like serpents to destroy the wisdom of the Saints therefore wise king Solomon explains that understanding is the foremost thing as he did in Proverbs.

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Titus: Evil Beasts

Titus: Evil Beasts examines false dogmas like “the flat earth theory” or “Satan is man’s flesh” in light of what the apostle Paul instructs genuine Christian pastors to espouse. What are the positions of men and women in the church structure? Is servitude and slavery permitted under the New Covenant? This sermon on the second chapter of Paul’s letter to Titus provides answers and again challenges a debate.

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Mischievous Madness

Mischievous Madness examines Ecclesiastes 10:8-20 to contrast fools with wise men and highlight the characteristics of both. Yahweh’s Word teaches common sense thus this sermon explains the importance of keeping a positive image when representing Christ to the lost. Also proven in this hasty discourse is “fools reap what they’ve sown” towards others and gossip (or slander) is forbidden by Israelite Law.

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Every Man Is Tempted (Part #2)

Every Man Is Tempted (Part #2) continues examining the general epistle of James 1:13-27 to verify that overcoming temptation is essential to increase faith towards our Father. This second of two mini-sermons explains “pure religion” and why Christians must be DOERS of the Word in addition to meek listeners. The Bible is attributed to a mirror in the first chapter of James’ dispatch – dare to gaze within its pages?

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Prophets Like Foxes

Prophets Like Foxes looks at sly and cunning false teachers of tradition directly from Ezekiel 13:1-7 after showcasing the Messiah’s teachings regarding end times from Matthew 24:21-26. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are a given! What about other forms of canine? This sermon explains why Yahweh’s Word attributes sham prophets to “foxes” and expounds on why the days of tribulation are “cut short” for the elect.

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The Hireling Fleeth

The Hireling Fleeth ( with Don Spears ) is a lengthy discourse on false prophets featuring Pastor Visser for the last two hours. So many scripture references pertaining to counterfeit spiritualists are supplied that it would be impossible to list them in this description! Yet being the third sermon in a long-running series it’s safe to say this broadcast will answer practically ANY question pertaining to liars behind the pulpit.

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