Apocalypse of Adam

Apocalypse of Adam provides a detailed overview of this Gnostic book of futurist prophecy attributed to “the first man” Adam concerning Noah’s flood and the eventual return of the living Word. Explanation is provided on all eight chapters with particular prominence on the origin and return of our Illuminator (Jesus Christ) who set aside a particular racial bloodline to serve Him at the foundation of this earth age.

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Mother’s Day Sermon

Mother’s Day Sermon is a special Covenant Gathering broadcast scrutinizing the motherhood of Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Jochebed, Hannah, Bathsheba, Elizabeth and Mary. From “the mother of all living” (Genesis 3:20) to “the mother of us all” (Galatians 4:26) this lecture is meant to explain Yahweh’s intention for creating women and further prove the importance of motherhood to the Abrahamic covenant.

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Solaric and Edenic Covenants

Solaric and Edenic Covenants attempts to explain the first two contracts made by Yahweh in scripture to the solar system and Adam and Eve before their fall from grace. Why was “man” told to replenish the earth? What was the tree of knowledge? This special release contains both air and studio versions due to this series cancellation yet the truths contained within are still very pertinent to the Christian walk.

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Virginal Disobedience

Virginal Disobedience is a lecture concerning the sexual seduction of Eve that provides numerous quotes from “early church fathers” and several apocryphal books confirming seedline doctrine. Who was Cain’s father? Who are the tares of Yahshua’s parable? Was His mother Mary truly a virgin? What about the marriage supper of the Lamb? This arousing sermon attempts to answer these questions.

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Parable of the Seed

Parable of the Seed is a sermon comparing the picturesque allegory of Christ from the 21st statement in Thomas’ Gospel to Mark 4:26-34. This broadcast further confirms Yahweh has a literal “seed” (or children) on earth who desire their Father’s Law enforced for national prosperity. God created the earth to be fully automated thus His genuine offspring seek to further increase during the harvest by doing His Will.

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Adam Means Red Man

Adam Means Red Man is a complete Bible study on the four different words meaning ADAM as found in the Old Testament. This sermon scrutinizes the scriptural terminology “ruddy” by using the examples of David, Solomon and the Nazarites to prove they all logically descended from an “eighth day” Adam. If this lecture is enjoyed with a sincere heart and mind there will be no need to blush, we promise.

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Angels and Nephilim

Angels and Nephilim focuses specifically on fallen seraphim from the Bible using several quotes from early church fathers to verify Eve was seduced by Satan while the virgin Mary withstood him. This sermon further explains the purpose of the watching Grigori directly from the Book of Enoch and revisits Genesis 6 to verify rebellious cherubs interbred with Adamic women bringing forth the deviant Nephilim.

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A Virtuous Woman?

A Virtuous Woman? contrasts the ideal woman of Proverbs 31:10-31 with several examples of whores from an earlier part of Solomon’s same book. This sermon is beneficial to both sexes that may be considering matrimony during today’s apostasy because it provides illustrations of what to look for in a Christian partner. The creation of Adam and Eve is partially covered in order to define marriage.

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Lawless Tactics Reissues

Lawless Tactics Reissues:

Lawless Tactics (Part #1) is a lengthy investigation into the Bible’s teachings on Satan and several fallen angels. This one-hour study looks at demons, temptations, wickedness, tares, scoffers, antichrists, false prophets and even worse abominations! This special reissue contains a complete summation of the adversary and an extended overview of the second (and final) part.

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Lawless Tactics (Part #2) completes our series on the iniquitous tares by studying four “bad guys” of the Holy Bible – Cain, Balaam, Judas Iscariot and Simon Magus. To further prove that both sexes are sinful and Christians must carefully choose their spouses, this one-hour analysis cross-compares four “bad girls” from scripture – Eve, Jezebel, Rahab the harlot and Delilah of Sorek.

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Seedline: Garden of Yahweh

Seedline: Garden of Yahweh examines the “beguilement” (or seduction) of Eve by Satan and the resulting curse of Cain. This one-hour sermon features the original music of Georgia’s own All She Had and will leave no doubt that “the tares are the children of the wicked one.” Pastor Visser’s trendy study God Blessed The Seventh Day is included in this unique reissued version.

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