Examples of Faith (Part #1)

Examples of Faith (Part #1) is the first of two sermons dedicated to studying the examples of faithfulness outlined in the eleventh chapter of the epistle to the Hebrews. This Covenant Gathering broadcast defines the word “faith” before detailing specific works of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Sarah from the book of Genesis alongside their precise listing in the “Faith Hall of Fame” found in Hebrews 11.

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Angels in Enoch

Angels in Enoch is more a relaxed sermon detailing the similarities between Genesis 6:1-2 and the Book of Enoch 6:1-2 which both detail fallen angels taking Adamite wives under Satan’s leadership. Christ teaches “When the Son of Man returns, it will be like it was in Noah’s day” (Luke 17:26) making this study into rebel seraphs and their Nephilim offspring essential towards understanding the coming apostasy.

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Their Faces Withered

Their Faces Withered proves both Peter and Jude were familiar with the writings of Enoch and used the examples of Sodom and the Nephilim as “end time events.” Who are the Watchers or Grigori? Why was Enoch taken by God? This sermon explores Secrets of Enoch 18:1-7 for further clarity on angels “which kept not their first estate” and mixed with Adamite women bringing forth “giants” with great enmity.

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Angels and Nephilim

Angels and Nephilim focuses specifically on fallen seraphim from the Bible using several quotes from early church fathers to verify Eve was seduced by Satan while the virgin Mary withstood him. This sermon further explains the purpose of the watching Grigori directly from the Book of Enoch and revisits Genesis 6 to verify rebellious cherubs interbred with Adamic women bringing forth the deviant Nephilim.

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Gabriel and Michael

Gabriel and Michael examines the two archangels from the pages of both the Old and New Testaments in addition to a slew of non-canonized gnostic texts like The Gospel of Mary. Beware of modern Sadducees who deny angels in Identity! Falling perfectly into The Morning Stars series, this deeper look at the importance of cherubim proves that messengers oftentimes are more than mortals.

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Jerusalem Above Is Free

Jerusalem Above Is Free (CPM Sessions) analyzes “the children of the desolate one” from Paul’s fourth chapter of Galatians establishing that only Adamic Christians can be “the children of promise” just as our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were. This watchful study scrutinizes two entirely different covenants Yahweh made between the free children of Israel and the enslaved offspring of Hagar.

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Wandering Stars

Wandering Stars closely examines the topic of false prophets “crept in unawares” and the purpose of the Watchers spoken of by Enoch. This sermon covers the entire general epistle of Jude to establish that Yahweh is in control of both the righteous and wicked seeds thus His perfect Will is done irregardless of man’s desire. The reality of Satan and his angels (like those that fell in Genesis 6) is proven.

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Enoch’s Walk of Faith

Enoch’s Walk of Faith explains that the prophet Enoch was taken by Yahweh for the purpose of receiving visions concerning our latter age. This sermon provides clarity on the Nephilim (or “the Watchers”) of Genesis 6 while proving the importance of reading ALL scripture, including non-canonized texts. This casual study uses the Bible and several books of Enoch to stress the importance of faith.

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Above The Law?

Above The Law? mostly deals with Yahweh’s eternal commandments and the counterfeit Christians that work against it. Worse than antinomians that preach Christ “abolished the Law” are those prideful enough to consider themselves “above the Law” of God. This sermon explains who Satan is, why Yahweh created him and how he’s finally destroyed before the establishment of Christ’s Kingdom.

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Alpha & Omega God

Alpha & Omega God

Adobe PDF

“More importantly, this book proves that Yahweh is the Christ!”

This book, ALPHA & OMEGA GOD (now offered to the many kind friends of CPM) focuses on the uncomplicated – yet most complex – teaching to be found in scripture; the reality that Jesus is God. By reading this carefully assembled volume any Christian can arm themselves with literally hundreds of Bible passages proving that Yahsua from the New Testament is Yahweh of the Old Testament. He is the eternal Creator just as taught for ages in His Word.