With the Pure

With the Pure is a distinctive sermon detailing Christian suffering from the non-canonized book of I Clement 20:1-17 for Christmas Day. Meant to be an extension with explanation of scriptural points raised in “Apocryphal Nativity” this upbeat lecture explains Saint Clement’s statement “With the pure thou shalt be pure and with the elect thou shalt be elect but with the perverse man thou shalt be perverse.”

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Bel and the Dragon

Bel and the Dragon covers the entire apocryphal book (Goodspeed Translation) which provides additional background into the Old Testament book of Daniel. Bel and the serpent were two idols worshipped in ancient Babylon and righteous Daniel overcomes both of them! This book also proves that men of government often have “baal priests” that bear false witness against the elect and profit from deception.

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Story of Susanna

Story of Susanna is a sermon covering the entire apocryphal book (Goodspeed Translation) to teach the value of virtue under a corrupt government. This famous woman’s story can be applied to our lives today. Susanna remained truly righteous and withstood her serpentile accusers thus Yahweh sends Daniel the prophet to deliver true justice and proclaim the morality of this “daughter of Israel.”

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Return of Christ

Return of Christ closely surveys the ten forms of Yahshua’s second coming ranging from lightning (Matthew 24:27) to a thief (Rev. 16:15). This sermon provides an alternate viewpoint of the Day of the LORD showcasing the signs proving the Messiah has returned as opposed to before His coming. A fairly complete lecture on “The Return of Christ” which could easily complete the “Lessons From Luke” series.

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A Study On Antichrist

A Study On Antichrist examines every usage of the word ANTICHRIST all found in loving John’s epistles and proves all Christ-deniers are considered “not of Yahweh” and should be marked. Who or what is an antichrist? Is it the Son of Perdition? A deeper look at the Greek word antee-khristos helps expose four distinguishing characteristics of the numerous antichrists posing as teachers of God’s Word.

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20 Biblical Angels (Part #2)

20 Biblical Angels (Part #2) inspects Moses being called to deliver the children of Israel from economic slavery in Egypt and provides a quick overview of Balaam’s talking ass. This second and final sermon on scriptural angels explains how the previous Old Testament examples all point to a coming Messiah and (towards the conclusion) even allows Russ Walker to voice his opinion and distrust of the apostle Paul.

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20 Biblical Angels (Part #1)

20 Biblical Angels (Part #1) examines the covenant made to Hagar in the wilderness, why Lot and his incestuous daughters were spared from the destruction of Sodom, Abraham being called to sacrifice his son Isaac and what Jacob wrestling with an angel represents. This sermon detailing general seraphs is the first of two proving they’re more the right and left “arms” of Yahweh as opposed to simple men.

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