Sons of Korah

Sons of Korah provides a basic overview on these descendants of Esau and “the gainsaying of Core” before covering the entire 49th Psalm of David which he dedicated to them. Who are these sons of Korah? Does their influence still exist today? Are we at the dawn of a new age? This sermon provides updates on the future of Covenant People’s Ministry during the upcoming woes Yahweh has promised.

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Prince of Politics

Prince of Politics will likely be an unpopular sermon as it attempts to provide an alternate viewpoint regarding the “victory” of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Can the president-elect Trump be any type of “savior” when Yahweh forbids casting lots for men as our rulers (2 Chronicles 19:2, Psalm 1:1, Matthew 6:33, Proverbs 16:33)? Lucifer is the prince of this world’s politics and wars against the Saints!

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Reasons for Plagues

Reasons for Plagues outlines fourteen specific sinful behaviors that always result in Yahweh pouring out His curses upon the Israelites. By highlighting the conditions of God’s Mosaic covenant faithful Saxons are better equipped in understanding our current woes are caused by turning our backs on the Creator. This sermon also provides a concise overview on “plague” as a word and its usage in scripture.

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He That Soweth Discord

He That Soweth Discord proves that Yahweh hates those who needlessly cause conflict amongst His people by using Proverbs 6:16-19 with supporting passages from Paul’s epistle to the pagan Romans. We’re instructed to “mark” those that cause divisions as false prophets don’t possess the ability to love nor be unified with the Saints thus this short sermon aids in recognizing behaviors that God loathes.

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Evil Dung (Part #2)

Evil Dung (Part #2) concludes our analysis of manure in scripture with Yahweh’s curse against Jezebel to “be as DUNG” in death. How does excrement tie into sin offerings? Does scripture claim composting is beneficial? What’s the story behind the Dung Gate in Jerusalem? This concluding sermon attempts to provide these answers with a handy overview of an often overlooked aspect of God’s Word.

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Evil Dung (Part #1)

Evil Dung (Part #1) examines excrement in scripture and begins a deeper two-part study into Beelzebub or “lord of the fly.” Feces are mentioned over fifty times in scripture (including some parables of Christ) all in relation to the disobedient thus this necessary and somewhat rare sermon on DUNG. This first segment helps the faithful spot egotists and slanderers that inherit manure without works.

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Joined To An Harlot

Joined To An Harlot showcases ten classes of sinful men not allowed entrance into Yahweh’s Kingdom directly from 1st Corinthians 1:10-29 and 6:9-20. Not everyone who believes in Yahshua will be spared. Paul’s list of iniquities that damn the soul coincide with Yahweh’s eternal Law thus this amateur sermon explains why fornication and adultery are seen as such grievous immoralities in the eyes of Jesus Christ.

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Sowing & Reaping (Part #1)

Sowing & Reaping (Part #1) explains the Biblical Law of karma and proves every Israelite man and woman will harvest exactly what they plant. What should Christians be “sowing” and how much should they propagate? Why did Yahweh hand us a bill of divorcement and send us into diaspora? These teachings pertaining to agriculture aid in judging the “fruits” of particular individuals claiming to share our faith.

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What’s the “Unforgivable Sin?”

What’s the “Unforgivable Sin?” uses blocks of the text of Mark’s Gospel Chapters 2 and 3 in addition to Saint Matthew 12 in order to confirm that Yahshua Messiah Himself has already defined what “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” is. Why is this sin never forgiven and what is it? This upbeat sermon attempts to answer one of the most disputed doctrines in Christian Identity and does so with fervor! (Choppy audio).

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Daystar: Son of Mourning

Daystar: Son of Mourning is a detailed investigation into Satan and provides ample verses to substantiate the Adversary is literal. This “screamo emo” sermon takes no prisoners when slinging the spiritual sword (or Word) and dices through the talmudic theory of “no Satan” that deceives a few uneducated Israelites. This was the sermon that made “the C.I. Police” charge Pastor Visser with wrongful conduct!

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