Bible Doctrine of Sin

Bible Doctrine of Sin begins by defining iniquity as “Everyone who commits sin also breaks the law because sin is the breaking of law (I John 3:4)” before teaching on the means, purpose, immutability, obligation, requirements, basis and extent of Yahweh’s Law. This legalistic episode of The Covenant Gathering proves only obedient Israelites will ultimately be permitted entrance into Yahweh’s imminent Kingdom.

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Identity in Christ (Part #2)

Identity in Christ (Part #2) completes our two-part series by scrutinizing the final four steps in identifying ourselves with Yahshua; taking up our cross daily, walking in the Spirit, constant Bible study and being consecrated to help our people. This second of two sermons will equip new listeners to the DS Identity message with the simple basics of Christian living and implant faith within Yahweh’s living progeny.

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Valuation of Parables

Valuation of Parables examines Yahshua’s allegories of the two sons, householder and marriage feast while attempting to defend the worth of these metaphors to Christian Identity. This Covenant Gathering broadcast aired exclusively on Euro Folk Radio and proves Yahweh’s Israelite people are His vineyard and they can often be mislead by false pastors. Technically the fourth and final lecture from the series.

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Parable of the Pounds

Parable of the Pounds scrutinizes one of the most controversial statements made by Christ: “Those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them – bring them here and kill them in front of me (Luke 19:27).” This sermon uses the Gospels of Matthew 25:14-30 and Luke 19:11-27 to explain Jesus’ allegory of the “pounds” or talents which teaches on the second advent and not wasting opportunities.

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Application of Parables

Application of Parables continues our study on Christ’s metaphors by teaching how modern Christians can apply His parables of the mustard seed, leaven and hidden treasure to their personal walks of faith. Are Yahshua’s parables for today? This Covenant Gathering broadcast proves Yahweh’s “treasure” are the Israelite people and something that is small (like mustard seeds or leaven) can often wax very large.

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Identity in Christ (Part #1)

Identity in Christ (Part #1) looks at the first four steps of eight in identifying ourselves with Yahshua; making proper confession, crucifying the old man, having faith in Him and walking in the Light. This first of two sermons on Christian living is meant to equip new listeners to the Identity message with basic dual-seedline doctrine and instructs the faithful in how to withstand Satan-el and his bastard offspring.

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Interpretation of Parables

Interpretation of Parables is a Covenant Gathering broadcast that focuses mostly on Yahshua’s parables of the sower and tares of the field while describing how modern Christians can study these allegories. Christ clearly taught the value of Bible reading because Satan has literal offspring on earth! While Christ explained these two parables it’s our desire this sermon will clarify why He taught in this manner.

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Malachi (Part #4)

Malachi (Part #4) concludes our four-part examination of the minor prophet by scrutinizing “God robbers” who steal tithes and offerings from Yahweh. Is the law of Moses now obsolete? What are the specific sins of Israel? This final sermon inspects the closing prophecies given to the Israelites before the coming of John the Baptist (the spirit of Elijah) and our very Redeemer (messenger of the new covenant).

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Malachi (Part #3)

Malachi (Part #3) looks at the specific sins of Judean priests during the time of Malachi like whoring after foreign women and claiming Yahweh approves of sin. Are there God robbers amongst us? Do phony priests call good evil and vise versa? This third sermon scrutinizes the coming of the spirit of Elijah being John the Baptist who offered “water” as a step to overcome the “fire” of His return (Matthew 11:14).

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Malachi (Part #2)

Malachi (Part #2) continues our examination of the final book of the Old Testament proving the rebuilt temple remained polluted even after Christ “cleansed” it five hundred years later. What are the views of God concerning divorce? Can the blood of he-goats truly cleanse us from sin? This sermon deals with six disputes of Yahweh against His Israelites confirming the final Levitical covenant had been corrupted.

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