Secrets of Answered Prayer

Secrets of Answered Prayer looks at four ways the faithful can increase their chances of Yahweh pouring out His blessings in their personal lives. Does our Father answer every prayer? Is He bound to forgive sinners? This sermon highlights several New Testament commandments all concerning prayer and its necessity to Israelites today proving oftentimes it’s our “asking amiss” that causes unanswered prayer.

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With the Pure

With the Pure is a distinctive sermon detailing Christian suffering from the non-canonized book of I Clement 20:1-17 for Christmas Day. Meant to be an extension with explanation of scriptural points raised in “Apocryphal Nativity” this upbeat lecture explains Saint Clement’s statement “With the pure thou shalt be pure and with the elect thou shalt be elect but with the perverse man thou shalt be perverse.”

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Bowels of Compassion

Bowels of Compassion continues to use Ist John 3:14-24 to stress the significance of obeying Yahweh’s eternal Law. John’s letters help the faithful to distinguish between the children of God and the offspring of Satan by focusing on the deeds of particular people. This sermon quotes the Gospels several times to prove the loving apostle John taught adherence to His Law is pleasing to our heavenly Father.

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What Manner of Love!

What Manner of Love! uses the structure of Ist John 3:1-15 to prove the importance of brotherly love. The apostle John says “whoever hates his brother is a murderer and has no eternal life” making this racial investigation into abiding within Christ imperative to the Christian walk. It is the very act of love that differentiates and defines Yahweh’s children on earth allowing the Saints to recognize one another.

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Christian Hate

Christian Hate is a distinctive Covenant Gathering broadcast dealing with the Biblical topic of HATE that clarifies several teachings of Christ regarding hatred. Yahweh hates Esau and his bloodline! Yahshua hates the deeds of the Nicolaitans! This sermon showcases numerous Proverbs of David relating to dislike proving under the New Testament faithful Christians are commanded to hate all forms of evil.

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Christian Grace (Part #2)

Christian Grace (Part #2) completes our New Testament analysis on mercy by highlighting the apostle Paul’s teachings about grace. The word “grace” is used in the Pauline epistles more than anywhere else in scripture thus this investigation into unmerited favor is essential to the Christian walk. This second of two sermons proves while favor is a gift it can be “fallen from” making grace vital in understanding.

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Sowing & Reaping (Part #1)

Sowing & Reaping (Part #1) explains the Biblical Law of karma and proves every Israelite man and woman will harvest exactly what they plant. What should Christians be “sowing” and how much should they propagate? Why did Yahweh hand us a bill of divorcement and send us into diaspora? These teachings pertaining to agriculture aid in judging the “fruits” of particular individuals claiming to share our faith.

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Suffer For Doing Right

Suffer For Doing Right (CPM Sessions) is a sermon about Christian suffering from the pages of I Peter 3:13-22. This study explains that there WILL be times when Christians grieve for behaving righteously but further proves we’re always better off serving Yahweh over man. Also explained are the similarities between Noah’s flood and the act of water baptism with the scriptural fact that Jesus Christ is God.

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Spiritual Gifts (Part #1)

Spiritual Gifts (Part #1) uses the eighth chapter of Romans and 1st Corinthians 12:1-10 to describe several “powers” bestowed only to the sons of Yahweh. To fully serve our Father we must be able to express faith towards Him thus Obadiah 1:18 and Pastor Visser clarify the importance of prayer and Bible study. This is only the last HALF of the program as the TalkShoe network utterly lost this sermon!

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Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Hast Thou Forsaken Me? details the crucifixion by using select verses from king David’s 22nd Psalm to show the mindset of Christ as He made His eternal sacrifice. In this sermon we highlight why hypocrites will never understand their actions are immoral to Yahweh and showcase the marriage supper of the Lamb by explaining why Jesus had to die in order to redeem His beloved bride, Israel.

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