Prince of Politics

Prince of Politics will likely be an unpopular sermon as it attempts to provide an alternate viewpoint regarding the “victory” of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Can the president-elect Trump be any type of “savior” when Yahweh forbids casting lots for men as our rulers (2 Chronicles 19:2, Psalm 1:1, Matthew 6:33, Proverbs 16:33)? Lucifer is the prince of this world’s politics and wars against the Saints!

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Parable of the Builders

Parable of the Builders revisits the Gospel of Luke 6:46-49 and compares his account of Yahshua’s parable to Matthew 7:21-29. Not everyone claiming to be Christian is guaranteed entrance into the Kingdom! Paul teaches Christians the “Rock” of the Old Testament was Christ (in I Corinthians 10:1-4) thus this sermon proves Jesus is God while stressing the importance of having a good spiritual foundation.

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Parable of the Sower

Parable of the Sower inspects Yahshua’s allegory “by which all parables are understood” from the Gospel of Thomas (saying 9), Matthew 13, Mark 4, 1st Clement 24 and Luke 8. Why are many called but few chosen? What’s a vessel of dishonor? Unlike other teachings of Christ this parable illustrates Yahweh is in control of every class of seed and selects each to land upon the foundation of His choosing.

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Parable of the Candle

Parable of the Candle scrutinizes Yahshua’s moral tale from the Gospel of Mark 4:21-25 and explains the significance of candle lamps in scripture. Christ claimed Himself and the Israelites to be the Light of the world! Who gives the called “eyes to see and ears to hear?” This sermon uses all four Gospels with supporting verses from Psalms and 2nd Samuel to prove our Redeemer was before all things.

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The Strange Woman

The Strange Woman explains how king Solomon infuriated Yahweh by taking wives from the heathen nations (I Kings 1:11) but focuses more on his own warnings against miscegenation from Proverbs. Foreign women are forbidden thus this sermon clarifies how Christian men and women are to conduct themselves in choosing mates providing sufficient proof that Yahweh disapproves of mixed relationships.

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Heart Waxed Gross

Heart Waxed Gross is an expository style sermon from the Covenant People’s Archives that almost didn’t see release due to the hyperactive preaching and poor audio recording within. This animated study from Isaiah 6 into why Yahweh blinds some people (and chooses others) proves that our Messiah did NOT come for the entire world but rather a specific group with the ability to understand His perfect words.

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