28 Names of Satan

28 Names of Satan is meant to familiarize listeners with several “faces” of Yahweh’s adversary by exploring twenty-eight specific names or attributes denoting the dark lord in scripture. Is Lucifer just an ancient king of man? Who is the “great red dragon” of Armageddon? From Abaddon to Wicked One this hyperactive sermon makes no apologizes for exposing tares sown amongst our wheat company.

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Who is Like the Beast?

Who is Like the Beast? is an examination of Revelation 13:1-10 that explains the “beast” of Apocalypse and how it can be interpreted today. This relaxed sermon explains the whore of Babylon and the source of her power being the “dragon” (or Satan) and why so many worship the beast. What is the beast? Who can make war with the beast? This lecture attempts to give explanation mostly from Revelation.

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Yahweh Put A Lying Spirit

Yahweh Put A Lying Spirit continues examining false prophets by proving it’s God Himself that allows His enemies to fall further into confusion due to erroneous teachings. This brief sermon explores Yahshua’s warnings in Matthew’s Gospel, Yahweh’s “ten commandments” in Exodus 20 in addition to both Psalms and Proverbs to show the importance of guarding our soul and having utter reliance upon the Holy Spirit.

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Sowing & Reaping (Part #1)

Sowing & Reaping (Part #1) explains the Biblical Law of karma and proves every Israelite man and woman will harvest exactly what they plant. What should Christians be “sowing” and how much should they propagate? Why did Yahweh hand us a bill of divorcement and send us into diaspora? These teachings pertaining to agriculture aid in judging the “fruits” of particular individuals claiming to share our faith.

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Serpents and Worms (Part #1)

Serpents and Worms (Part #1) is a closer look at the seduction of Eve that explains what transpired in the garden of Eden between Adam, Eve and the fallen angel Satan. This first of two sermons examines the apostle Paul’s teachings on Eve’s beguilement and provides further clarification on “the cedars of Lebanon” only briefly touched upon in previous segments of this extensive Morning Stars series.

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Neither Could They Blush

Neither Could They Blush looks deeper at a prophecy concerning Judah found in Jeremiah 8:4-12 regarding apostate brethren at the time it was written and most assuredly during today’s backslidden age. Also discussed are the many reasons ruddy Adamites can oftentimes lose their ability to “show blood in the face” or blush by becoming so apostate they believe Yahweh’s Laws don’t pertain to them.

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Children of Disobedience

Children of Disobedience is a complete examination of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians 2:1-10 and his teachings regarding “the SPIRIT that now worketh in the children of disobedience.” This sermon was preached in the wake of the Boston Bombing thus remained unreleased (in single format) for over three years as it completely proves works are essential yet all Israelites are saved by Yahshua’s grace.

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Who or What is Satan?

Who or What is Satan? is an extensive investigation into Lucifer that begins by defining his name Satan-el (“adversary of God”) in both Hebrew and Greek before looking deeper at his temptations of Yahshua. This Obie & Visser show is basically two hour-long sermons focused on the Devil himself with callers and commentary sandwiched in the middle. Special guest appearance by Pastor Eli James.

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Satan the Wicked

Satan the Wicked (CPM Sessions) investigates Lucifer and Cain’s wicked progeny using the 62nd chapter of The First Book of Adam and Eve in addition to several New Testament epistles. Learn how Yahweh’s very literal adversary attempted to hide certain truths from Adam and Eve resulting in a deeper teaching about two “fig trees” and how the sons of God always overcome ancient forces of darkness.

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Bride of the Monster

Bride of the Monster (aka: Gospel of Ed Wood) is a light-hearted look into several “movement clowns” that masquerade under the title Christian Identity with help from the enemy. This lengthy broadcast covers numerous Biblical commandments forbidding bearing false witness and the penalties that await violators. Even with all its shortcomings, this is still Obie and Visser’s most popular show to date.

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