Reptiles in Scripture

Reptiles in Scripture provides an overview on several types of serpent from the Holy Bible. This tranquil sermon proves Yahweh used frogs in judgment against Egypt and the tortoise, chameleon and lizard are all unfit to eat. Are dinosaurs mentioned in the King James Version? This lecture scrutinizes leviathan from the book of Job and mostly proves “viper” is used metaphorically for Satan’s children.

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28 Names of Satan

28 Names of Satan is meant to familiarize listeners with several “faces” of Yahweh’s adversary by exploring twenty-eight specific names or attributes denoting the dark lord in scripture. Is Lucifer just an ancient king of man? Who is the “great red dragon” of Armageddon? From Abaddon to Wicked One this hyperactive sermon makes no apologizes for exposing tares sown amongst our wheat company.

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Bel and the Dragon

Bel and the Dragon covers the entire apocryphal book (Goodspeed Translation) which provides additional background into the Old Testament book of Daniel. Bel and the serpent were two idols worshipped in ancient Babylon and righteous Daniel overcomes both of them! This book also proves that men of government often have “baal priests” that bear false witness against the elect and profit from deception.

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First Earth Age

First Earth Age is a relaxed sermon proving the earth’s first sinful career lead to the katabole of Satan. Discover why Adam was told to replenish the earth! Learn what image he was created in! Supporting passages from Genesis 1, Isaiah 14, Jeremiah 4, Ezekiel 11 and II Peter 3:5-6 all verify there was an order before this one yet “whereby the world (or age) that then was, being overflowed with water perished.”

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God of this World

God of this World compares the honest ministry to those who “handle the Word of God deceitfully” from Paul’s second epistle to the Corinthians 4:1-12. Why are many called but even less chosen? Satan is considered the god of this world with powers to blind the unfaithful therefore discernment is obligatory to spot the authentic (or tyrannized) ministry to not be swindled into pursuing another false Christ.

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A Study On Antichrist

A Study On Antichrist examines every usage of the word ANTICHRIST all found in loving John’s epistles and proves all Christ-deniers are considered “not of Yahweh” and should be marked. Who or what is an antichrist? Is it the Son of Perdition? A deeper look at the Greek word antee-khristos helps expose four distinguishing characteristics of the numerous antichrists posing as teachers of God’s Word.

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Titus: Evil Beasts

Titus: Evil Beasts examines false dogmas like “the flat earth theory” or “Satan is man’s flesh” in light of what the apostle Paul instructs genuine Christian pastors to espouse. What are the positions of men and women in the church structure? Is servitude and slavery permitted under the New Covenant? This sermon on the second chapter of Paul’s letter to Titus provides answers and again challenges a debate.

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Prince of this World

Prince of this World looks at who dominates earthly politics and is deemed by Christ to be god of this world age. Yahweh is in control of all things including our adversary who is able to tempt us with “all the kingdoms of the world” because they’re his to offer. God OR mammon! What’s your choice? Do you obey Yahweh to inherit eternal life or bow to the prince of this world and become heir to dung?

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Yahweh Put A Lying Spirit

Yahweh Put A Lying Spirit continues examining false prophets by proving it’s God Himself that allows His enemies to fall further into confusion due to erroneous teachings. This brief sermon explores Yahshua’s warnings in Matthew’s Gospel, Yahweh’s “ten commandments” in Exodus 20 in addition to both Psalms and Proverbs to show the importance of guarding our soul and having utter reliance upon the Holy Spirit.

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Messengers and Dragons (Part #2)

Messengers and Dragons (Part #2) deals mostly with the Biblical topic of dragons proving they’re representations of the enemies of Yahweh’s covenant people Israel in addition to being another name for Satan. Also covered is Christ’s explanation of His own “parable of the tares and wheat” which demonstrates our Messiah taught the devil has a literal seed on earth. Upcoming projects for 2014 are reviewed.

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