Encounters with Angels (Part #1)

Encounters with Angels (Part #1) is the first of two sermons devoted to scrutinizing Biblical examples of people that dealt with literal angels. By looking at the stories of Hagar, Lot, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Balaam, Joshua, Gideon, Samson’s mother and Elijah (with their specific dealings concerning Yahweh’s angelic host) the listener can compare these feats to that of men and “entertain angels” as instructed.

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Gospel of Thomas (Part #5)

Gospel of Thomas (Part #5) begins by giving a straightforward overview on “doubting Thomas” from the pages of the Christogenea New Testament then proceeds to provide coverage for the next twenty-two verses of this Gnostic text. We explain why this series has taken a year and a half (so far) and even discuss the fake appearance of homosexual militant George Takei on the Talkshoe Network.

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An Obama Nation?

Obama Nation of Desolation

Obama Nation of Desolation looks at the democratic presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton from a Christian Identity perspective. Yahweh forbids foreign races and women from ruling over His children thus Pastor Visser has provided numerous admonitions against all forms of mixing while examining Jesus’ teachings about identifying the “signs” of approaching Judgment.

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Enoch’s Walk of Faith ( Comments )

I was listening to Enoch’s Walk of Faith yesterday…


Enoch’s Walk of Faith explains that the prophet Enoch was taken by Yahweh for the purpose of receiving visions concerning our latter age. This sermon provides clarity on the Nephilim (or “the Watchers”) of Genesis 6 while proving the importance of reading ALL scripture, including non-canonized texts. This casual study uses the Bible and several books of Enoch to stress the importance of faith.

At about 26:17 the song ”And When He Falleth” by Theatre Of Tragedy is playing in the background, the man and the woman are talking lines from the ” The Masque Of The Red Death”