Revelation (Part #04)

Revelation (Part #04) scrutinizes the apostle John’s “mini-epistle” to the church at Ephesus and provides background on the “deeds of the Nicolaitans” which our returning Messiah completely hates. How are we fallen from grace? Have we left our first love? This continuing sermon looks at the “tree of Life” that Yahshua provides us access to by revisiting the creation account in Genesis chapters 2 and 3.

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Revelation (Part #03)

Revelation (Part #03) completes the first chapter of the book of Apocalypse by scrutinizing John’s transcription of “the things which he sawest” being Christ transfigured. This continuing sermon explains the key of David and the precise interpretation provided by Yahshua of the seven angels and candlesticks which equate to the bishops (or overseers) of each specific church outlined in the next two chapters.

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Revelation (Part #02)

Revelation (Part #02) explains Asia Minor and confirms Yahweh’s intention with Christ is to make His people “kings and priests” throughout the entire world. This continuing sermon looks at Christ’s statement “I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending” while confirming the apostle John was banished to Patmos Island for two specific reasons; the Word of God and the testimony of Yahshua Messiah.

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Revelation (Part #01)

Revelation (Part #01) starts CPM’s prophetical audio series by establishing its author is John the Apostle as confirmed within the “prologue” or first three verses of chapter one. This introductory sermon provides statistics on the apocalyptic book itself while visiting the gospels of Matthew and Luke to verify Christ wants His faithful servants to understand the “seasons” outlined within His Parable of the Fig Tree.

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Revelation (Series Overview)

Revelation (Series Overview) explains the audio series new thirty minute format and forthcoming monthly “question and answer” videos which will hopefully provide more interactivity with the listeners. In this brief lecture Pastor Visser provides statistics regarding the Revelation of Jesus Christ proving a great majority of this prophetical book has yet to be fulfilled while explaining his intentions for preaching it.

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Capstan and Pinch

Capstan and Pinch is a short collection of bloopers, blunders, TalkShoe disasters and previously unreleased (somewhat unusable) material from the first half of 2016. This assortment deals mostly with Biblical crowns, the gospel armor and Christian grace but none of these pieces ever saw release outside this collection. By piecing them together it’s our hope that these goofs may see new life as a single Bible study.

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Unto Us A Child Is Given

Unto Us A Child Is Given arranges the Gospels of Luke and Matthew as a single narrative to present the “uncut” version of the Nativity story on Christmas evening. From Gabriel’s annunciation to the virgin Mary to Herod’s “slaughter of the innocents” this lengthy sermon expands upon a lecture preached five years earlier to highlight several lesser known facts about the birth of Jesus Christ: King of ALL Israel.

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Desert Island Verses (Part #8)

Desert Island Verses (Part #8) showcases ten important Bible verses all dealing with the topic of forbearance or the tolerance we’re commanded to show our Israelite brethren. Should Christians embrace the world? In this segment Obie & Visser probe deeper into the meaning of the words “brother” and “neighbor” from Hebrew and Greek uncovering whether or not scripture teaches universalism.

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NSFM: McBride & Visser

NSFM: McBride & Visser [#113] finds White Nationalism and Christian Identity both peaceably focusing on current issues and providing important updates to the cause. Outlined are many “movement crooks” and failed organizations that have come and gone with a lively discussion on George Zimmerman’s recent “not guilty” verdict. This broadcast is mostly secular and contains some adult language.

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No God Speed

No God Speed focuses solely on II John 1:6-13 to prove that Christians show their love towards Yahweh through obedience to scripture. More importantly this short sermon proves that Christians are NOT to allow those who worship lowercase “gods” within their homes and doing so risks curses from Yahweh. During the intermission enjoy several audio clips from other talking heads about Obie & Viss.

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