What is Dual Seedline?

What is Dual Seedline? scrutinizes four main doctrines that Christian Identity pastors “in-name-only” often use to lead their listeners directly into judaism. This Covenant Gathering broadcast looks at the seduction of Eve, reality of Satan, importance of baptism and use of Yahweh’s sacred Name and the modern jewish view of these teachings before confirming these teachings exist paradoxically in the Holy Bible.

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Fellowship 101

Fellowship 101 is our yearly wrap-up broadcast that shares many statistics and numerous “highs and lows” for the ministerial year of 2016. This animated sermon explains the necessity of fellowshipping with the correct people and proves rebuking the apostate is often part of “walking in the Light.” This is the final Covenant People’s pulpit sermon for the year and it explains what apostasy to expect for 2017.

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Bowels of Compassion

Bowels of Compassion continues to use Ist John 3:14-24 to stress the significance of obeying Yahweh’s eternal Law. John’s letters help the faithful to distinguish between the children of God and the offspring of Satan by focusing on the deeds of particular people. This sermon quotes the Gospels several times to prove the loving apostle John taught adherence to His Law is pleasing to our heavenly Father.

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What Manner of Love!

What Manner of Love! uses the structure of Ist John 3:1-15 to prove the importance of brotherly love. The apostle John says “whoever hates his brother is a murderer and has no eternal life” making this racial investigation into abiding within Christ imperative to the Christian walk. It is the very act of love that differentiates and defines Yahweh’s children on earth allowing the Saints to recognize one another.

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Obadiah (Part #2)

Obadiah (Part #2) concludes our two-part examination of the minor prophet’s condemnation of the Edomites by explaining several more reasons Yahweh must destroy them and who exactly He uses to accomplish their demolition. Esau attempted to murder his brother Jacob / Israel thus his attempts at thwarting the Will of Yahweh is rewarded with flame and fire in “the great and terrible Day of the Lord.”

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Obadiah (Part #1)

Obadiah (Part #1) begins our two-part examination of the minor prophet by establishing the background of Esau and his cursed Edomite offspring. Yahweh hates Edom and loves Israel! Why? Obadiah’s intention was to condense several prophecies concerning Esau (and his many sins against his brother Jacob) during “the Day of the Lord” so faithful Christians can be assured our enemy will be destroyed.

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Ye Are The Temple!

Ye Are The Temple! completely proves that the Holy Bible teaches the race of Israel comprise the temple under the New Covenant. This sermon is a continuation of the CPM series on Haggai the minor prophet. Yahweh nor Christ will be found specifically in buildings made with men’s hands but rather dwell amongst the Saints that overcome the blasphemy of “them that say they are Jews but do lie.”

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Parable of the Money

Parable of the Money deals with a teaching of Christ found only in Luke 15:8-10 which is technically an extension of His Parable of the Lost Sheep. This lecture examines the three detailed steps the woman of Yahshua’s allegory took in order to “find that which was lost.” Also provided in this sermon are updates regarding the three recent paperbacks released by Pastor Visser through Covenant People’s Books.

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Speak the Oracles of God

Speak the Oracles of God analyses Ist Peter 4:1-11 to establish that Christian suffering is to be expected from most people that follow “the will of the Gentiles.” Why are the faithful ostracized from their former companions once they accept Yahweh’s Law as authoritative? What is the only thing worth discussing? Peter explains His sheep should always have the Word of God in their replies to this unbelieving world.

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Abide in Christ

Abide in Christ compares Ist John 2:26-28 to Ist Corinthians 2:9-16 to prove both John and Paul taught the faithful must have the mind of Jesus Christ. This relaxed sermon regarding the anointing of the Holy Spirit and righteous judgment is designed to strengthen our Christian walks by explaining “he that is spiritual judges all things ( especially “seducing” ministers ) yet he himself is judged of no worldly man.”

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