Contend For the Faith!

Contend For the Faith! is an expository Covenant Gathering sermon proving the similarities between the complete epistle of JUDE to Enoch and Peter’s writings. Why does this New Testament author use Sodom, Cain, Balaam, Korah and Lucifer as examples? This “half-brother” of Christ warns that towards the finale of this age false prophets will work against Yahweh’s truth to further Satan’s agenda on earth.

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Apocryphal Nativity

Apocryphal Nativity scrutinizes Yahshua’s birth story by comparing the account from Matthew and Luke’s Gospels to several “Gnostic” tomes like the Protevangelion, Gospel of Mary and Infancy I. This seasonal lecture was preached Christmas Eve on the Euro Folk Radio network and is designed to explain the delivery of Christ from an alternative viewpoint other than ones found in our canonized KJV Bibles.

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Bel and the Dragon

Bel and the Dragon covers the entire apocryphal book (Goodspeed Translation) which provides additional background into the Old Testament book of Daniel. Bel and the serpent were two idols worshipped in ancient Babylon and righteous Daniel overcomes both of them! This book also proves that men of government often have “baal priests” that bear false witness against the elect and profit from deception.

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Story of Susanna

Story of Susanna is a sermon covering the entire apocryphal book (Goodspeed Translation) to teach the value of virtue under a corrupt government. This famous woman’s story can be applied to our lives today. Susanna remained truly righteous and withstood her serpentile accusers thus Yahweh sends Daniel the prophet to deliver true justice and proclaim the morality of this “daughter of Israel.”

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The Unjust Judge

The Unjust Judge tackles one of the harder parables of Yahshua pertaining to prayer and faith during His second advent. This sermon uses Sirach 35:12-15 and 2nd Chronicles 19:4-7 to establish Yahweh’s Law for judges before dismembering the unjust arbitrator’s soliloquy of selfishness. This 98th sermon in our series on the Gospel of Luke proves the importance of having constant prayer during the wicked end times.

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Parable of the Sower

Parable of the Sower inspects Yahshua’s allegory “by which all parables are understood” from the Gospel of Thomas (saying 9), Matthew 13, Mark 4, 1st Clement 24 and Luke 8. Why are many called but few chosen? What’s a vessel of dishonor? Unlike other teachings of Christ this parable illustrates Yahweh is in control of every class of seed and selects each to land upon the foundation of His choosing.

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