University For Angels

University For Angels explains several purposes for the racial “church” of Christ on earth and proves we have power over angels but their worship is outright forbidden by Yahweh. This Covenant Gathering episode falls under CPM’s “Morning Stars” lecture series as it scrutinizes several Apocryphal teachings regarding the heavenly host while explaining some of the many positions within the Body of Christ.

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Three Earth Ages

Three Earth Ages attempts to explain the overthrow of the pre-Adamite world (or katabolé of Satan) from Genesis 1:1-2, Isaiah 14:1-14, Jeremiah 4:23-26, Ezekiel 28:11-17 and II Peter 3:5-6. Will man destroy the earth? What’s the difference between age and world? This Covenant Gathering broadcast clarifies why Yahweh ended the first earth age but did not bring “a full end” to those appointed.

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Bel and the Dragon

Bel and the Dragon covers the entire apocryphal book (Goodspeed Translation) which provides additional background into the Old Testament book of Daniel. Bel and the serpent were two idols worshipped in ancient Babylon and righteous Daniel overcomes both of them! This book also proves that men of government often have “baal priests” that bear false witness against the elect and profit from deception.

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Modern Sadducees

Modern Sadducees proves that the angelic host are scripturally literal and their worship is forbidden by both Yahweh and the early church. Job was asked “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? While the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?” thus this sermon explains why Christ is considered “the bright and morning star” and Satan’s own ministers hide below light.

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Hermas I (Visions) #8

Hermas I (Visions) #8 allows the “church lady” to continue explaining the final three classes of stones that are cast away from the ivory tower of her vision. This sermon in our longest-running series highlights the seven Christian virtues (which are opposite of the seven deadly sins) explaining how each is the mother of another. This lecture proves the elect are saved by faith or the grandmother of all moralities.

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Infancy Gospel (Part #14)

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #14) completes our study into the Gnostic book by teaching on Christ in the temple at twelve years old mesmerizing the learned men of Israel. This final sermon proves that Jesus was smarter than His teachers and explains why the childhood of Yahshua is rarely mentioned in canonized scripture. We conclude with Him initiating His ministry after baptism by John in the river Jordan.

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Infancy Gospel (Part #13)

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #13) as a sermon focuses on teaching “every one who displeases Yahshua is killed” thus contains some of the harder narratives discussed in the Gnostic book. This segment finds the youthful Christ cursing and ultimately causing no less than three specific individuals to die. Also covered is reconfirmation of the fact that Jesus is the Living Word and mere man couldn’t educate Him.

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Infancy Gospel (Part #12)

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #12) scrutinizes miracles attributed to Yahshua during His adolescence such as turning Israelites into literal “kids” (or baby goats) during a game of hide and seek. This sermon also finds Jesus commanding His followers to “curse and kill the serpent” thus support is found in the canonized books of Ezekiel, Daniel, John and Acts confirming facts in the manuscript of Infancy I.

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Infancy Gospel (Part #11)

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #11) provides background on Jesus becoming a carpenter as a youth and explains some miracles He performed while working with His stepfather Joseph. Discussed is Yahshua’s creation of Golem in the “shape” of birds and giving them life to the chagrin of His enemies that dutifully complained. A brief overview of INFANCY I is offered as this series enters the third (and final) phase.

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Infancy Gospel (Part #10)

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #10) deals solely with the topic of demonic possession providing insight into the childhood of Judas Iscariot (the Moabite betrayer). Established in this sermon are some names of Satan and clarification into how his “unclean spirit” is able to torment victims as a Legion of demons. Obviously, we revisit the Maniac of Gadara that Jesus dealt with in the fifth chapter of Mark’s Gospel.

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