Christian Hate

Christian Hate is a distinctive Covenant Gathering broadcast dealing with the Biblical topic of HATE that clarifies several teachings of Christ regarding hatred. Yahweh hates Esau and his bloodline! Yahshua hates the deeds of the Nicolaitans! This sermon showcases numerous Proverbs of David relating to dislike proving under the New Testament faithful Christians are commanded to hate all forms of evil.

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According To His Will

According To His Will returns to the text of I John 5:10-21 to prove that anything genuine Christians ask of Yahweh must be in accordance with His moral Law. The apostle John makes a solemn warning against idol worship in this chapter thus further explanation of “graven images” is provided. This sermon shows the value of knowing Christ in obtaining eternal life with Yahweh in His Kingdom.

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Gospel of Thomas (Part #7)

Gospel of Thomas (Part #7) concludes our peculiar clarification into the Sayings of the Gospel of Thomas! This final segment proves that the so-called Kingdom of Heaven is already established on earth for the followers of Christ to seek out depending on their own priorities or perception. Like usual, added clarification on forthcoming Covenant People’s Ministry projects and Godcast series is provided.

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Be Evil In A City?

Be Evil In A City? uses the third chapter of the minor prophet Amos to explain where evil (in the form of Satan) comes from and who exactly sends it upon our people. In this sermon we identify several traits of Yahweh to better understand why the children of the devil engage in the lawless practices they do. We further discuss Judgment Day and verify that mankind truly DOES reap what they sow.

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