Why Worry?

Why Worry? explains that Yahweh God wants His followers to rest within His perfect Will as opposed to carving their own destructive path out of their own faithlessness. Rest in the Kinsman Redeemer! If we turn to Our Creator in honesty He promises to provide us with all we need in life thus this sermon covers the sixth chapter of the Gospel According to Mathew to prove that Christ teaches no differently.

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Gospel of Thomas (Part #1)

Gospel of Thomas (Part #1) provides a Christian Identity introduction to the lost Coptic book centering only on the “secret sayings” of Jesus Christ. Pastors Bill DeClue and Jeromy Visser cover ten verses of the first edition manuscripts while providing valuable dual-seedline commentary on the text. Our Messiah stresses much importance on knowledge, gain some by listening to this radio program!

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“Serpent Seed” Doctrine

“Serpent Seed” Doctrine gives listeners a fundamental overview of the original sin from a dual-seedline Christian Identity standpoint. It’s vital to comprehend the fall of man in the garden of Eden to truly understand the restoration of Yahweh’s undying earth during the second advent. Ample proof is provided from the New Testament confirming that Satan is literal and he “beguiled” (or seduced) Eve.

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A Serpent Shall Bite Him

A Serpent Shall Bite Him explains why Yahweh creates and allows evil on earth. For every transgression of His perfect Law there is a consequence thus Satan (that “serpent” of old) was foreordained as part of God’s Will for Israel. The Buddhists consider it karma, the godless call it luck, Christ says we reap what we sow but one thing’s certain – “Whoso breaks a hedge, a serpent shall bite him!”

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Martin Lindstedt vs. Pastor Visser

From Christian Identity News (12/15/2010);

(RABBIT TRACK ROAD) GRANBY, MO – So what’s the scoop on all this Lindstedt vs. Visser nonsense that has polluted our once pure movement? For the last year we’ve heard Martin “Mad-Dog” Lindstedt howl and whine that Pastor Jeromy Visser is the antichrist and a “thieving mamzer.”

In all five reported Movement Turd smack-downs Visser is clearly the victor, at least theologically. To the average listener Martian [-sic] Linseed comes off as a total head case, even claiming to have spent over three years in the Fulton County “nuthouse” for alleged child molestation but once in awhile he’ll spew forth a gem of logic. Perhaps it’s something he’s heard from others, perhaps its “retard’s luck.”

All five audio files can be obtained here, each averaging about four hours a piece!

Each of these shows contain adult language and thousands of unsubstantiated claims from both sides of the argument. Did we mention that somehow Morris Gullet and Pastor Bill are involved in the conspiracy to murder all opossums (or is that ‘possums)? Indeed, to Martin Lindstedt everybody in Christian Identity is mixed, thus he’s recently claimed himself “the pope of CI.”

Who is Martin kidding?

Everybody on his shit list is a better theologian than himself, that much is obvious. His gossip show violates Yahveh’s Law on so many levels we link it here for entertainment purposes only. So while we don’t agree that Pastor Jeromy “The Mad Bonger” Visser should be teaching the youth to smoke what molesting Marty terms “nigger weed” our vote’s for the only sane man.

Go Visser!

Through A Glass Darkly

Through A Glass Darkly examines some darker sides of scripture by establishing how Christians obtain true knowledge from Yahweh before covering the concept of “agape love.” By studying the thirteenth chapter of Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians we’re better able to recognize our Israelite brethren and keep ourselves spiritually balanced so our hearts don’t become waxed cold with vanity.

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Testament of Dan

Testament of Dan is a Voice Of Christian Israel broadcast that begins with Pastor Visser explaining several recent events concerning the supposed “downfall” of Covenant People’s Church and his recent court “victory.” The latter part of this show features Pastors Eli James and Greg Howard covering the entire ‘Testament of Dan’ from the Forgotten Books of Eden and the Lost Books of the Bible.

Download the mp3 here (18.0 mb).

“Cut Off” Time!

“Cut Off” Time! is a sermon proving Yahweh’s mercy for His people is only offered for a limited amount of time and mostly dependent upon our submission to the Law of God. Don’t get “cut off” by Jesus on the day of the Lord! Closer examination of four parables (from the gospels of Matthew and Luke) establish that the Messiah redeems His precious bride according to a specific timetable.

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A Reprobate Mind

A Reprobate Mind uses the 22nd chapter of 1st Kings and first chapter of Paul’s new testament epistle to the Romans to prove that it’s Yahweh Himself that causes those who forsake His Law to have debased thoughts. Discover why the false prophets of easy-believism exist and who exactly sends the “deluding spirit” that misguide the half-hearted masses by listening to this energetic sermon.

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Maniac of Gadara

Maniac of Gadara reexamines the fifth chapter of Mark’s Gospel to establish that Yahweh’s Word always differentiates between demon possession and general sicknesses. By understanding who the maniac possessed by a “Legion” of demons was and why Christ spiritually restored him by casting these devils into swine, Identitsts will be equipped in spotting the false prophets among our ranks.

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