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 Susanna's Story (07-05-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Susanna's Story compares numerous similarities of ancient Babylon to our rebuilt version by covering the entire Apocryphal book of Susanna which is considered an "addition" to Daniel. This upbeat Covenant Gathering broadcast aired through EFR and proves that oftentimes men in authority abuse their positions but with total dependence upon God one can overcome by clinging to virtue over worldly lusts.
 Mary's Gospel (07-08-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Mary's Gospel revisits select passages from the Gospel of the Birth of Mary alongside the Protevangelion to verify the virgin's steadfast virtue and equip listeners with lesser-known facts about her parents Joachim and Anna. This lecture confirms Mary's Davidic bloodline while explaining some prophecies fulfilled in her conception, living within the temple and ultimately bringing forth Emmanuel "God with us."
 Galatians 4:19-29 (07-09-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.80 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb )

Galatians (Part #10) deals with the apostle's seemingly complex claim that "Jerusalem which is above is free which is the mother of us all." In this sermon Paul uses both Hagar and Sarah as Old Testament allegories to represent the two covenants: one of faith the other by promise. Which is greater? How can the faithful reconcile Paul's statement "All Israel shall be saved" with his teachings in Galatians?
 Enochian Angels (07-12-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Enochian Angels attempts to give the Book of Enoch validity by explaining exactly who this prophet was from the canonized pages of Genesis, Hebrews and Jude's epistle. This energized sermon mostly provides an alternative viewpoint on several reasons Yahweh sent a flood upon Noah's day for great "lawlessness and mixing" even explaining what this historical narrative means to His faithful remnant.
 Prayer of Azariah (07-19-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Prayer of Azariah covers the apocryphal manuscript "Song of the Three Children" which is considered a Greek addition to our Old Testament book of Daniel. This Covenant Gathering broadcast covers the renaming of the Hebrew children by eunuchs to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego while explaining the exact point their lengthy prayer within the fiery furnace was chopped out of the original text.
 Way, Truth and Life (07-22-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Way, Truth and Life is centered around one exclusive statement by Yahshua; "I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me" (John 14:6). Can Christ deniers see the Kingdom? Who is the great I AM? As a casual Bible study this sermon proves Christ taught "narrow is the way" and He was the "bread of life" thus our Redeemer fulfilled many facets of the Old Testament Law.
 Galatians 4:29-5:11 (07-23-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.79 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb )

Galatians (Part #11) mostly explains Paul's statement "a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump" and how it applies in today's society. Does Christ demand circumcision from His followers? Are we justified by obeying Yahweh's Law? Is faith greater than obedience? This sermon confirms the faithful must oftentimes prune their metaphorical vineyards of deadwood to truly grow within the Holy Spirit.
 Apocalypse of Daniel (07-26-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Apocalypse of Daniel provides essential overview on this Pseudepigraphal book with particular emphasis on chapters 7 to 14 which detail "the son of perdition" (or singular antichrist) who rises to power in old Jerusalem with aid from the jewish race. This upbeat sermon further proves judaism and Christianity have historically been opposed while exposing the worldview of dedicated Christians around 800 ad.
 Questions of Ezra (07-29-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Questions of Ezra covers the entire apocryphal text while providing a fundamental overview on the major prophet himself. What happens when an Adamite dies? Is judgment of souls immediate or at a later date? Should the reaper be feared? This Armenian "lost book" details several questions raised by Ezra to an angel of Yahweh concerning death and the final abodes of both righteous and wicked seeds.
 Galatians 5:11-21 (07-30-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.79 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb )

Galatians (Part #12) contrasts both literal and spiritual circumcision while detailing more about Peter and Paul's contention over the Mosaic Law. What are the works of the flesh? How do the faithful walk within the Holy Spirit? Does Jesus' "golden rule" still apply today? To answer this sermon deals with Paul's warning "if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another."
 Christian Sorrow (08-05-17 / 56 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.50 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 12.6 mb )

Christian Sorrow uses the scriptural examples of Hagar, David, Hannah, Martha, Jesus and Yahweh to teach on how to overcome feeling depressed or distressed during this apostate current era. Is it wrong to feel sorrow? Can this emotion be used for righteousness? This relaxed sermon attempts to clarify numerous reasons God oftentimes allows his unruly Israelite children to experience sorrow in life.
 Galatians 5:22-6:2 (08-06-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.80 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb )

Galatians (Part #13) scrutinizes the nine specific fruits of the Spirit as outlined by the apostle Paul who further instructs the faithful to crucify the flesh. This thirteenth sermon from our long running series on Galatians discusses the law of Christ and teaches to recognize the spirit of meekness. We conclude with Paul's claim "if a man think himself to be something when he is nothing he deceives himself."
 Luke's Special Parables (08-12-17 / 98 Min.)

[ WMA ] (6.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 22.2 mb )

Luke's Special Parables is an admirable presentation on many of Christ's teachings found only in Luke's Gospel including The Good Samaritan, The Rich Fool, Parable of the Pounds and several more! Unfortunately it was also a failed live stream on YouTube mandating this full-length (and extended) release preserving the purest audio source of this lecture. Even with problems an asset to CPM's series on LUKE!
 Christian Fixation (08-13-17 / 47 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.96 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.7 mb )

Christian Fixation uses three of David's Psalms to confirm we must have "fixed hearts" towards Yahweh before divulging into the New Testament to confirm we must shun profane babblings to be saved. What happens to many seeds God sows into good ground? Are we to be steadfast or go with the flow of modern Churchianity? This sermon touches upon the Charlottesville fiasco while answering these questions.
 Luke's Unique Parables (08-16-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Luke's Unique Parables completes CPM's two-part series examining allegories of Christ found only in Luke's expansive Gospel. This fiery sermon covers Jesus' parables of the Wedding Feast, Pharisee and Publican, Unjust Judge, Master and Servant, Lazarus and the Rich Man with the Unjust Steward! Meant to provide a basic overview on the travel narrative found solely in LUKE this speech may edify you.
 Lost Gospel of Peter (08-19-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.79 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Lost Gospel of Peter covers the entire extra-Biblical book and explains some ageless tactics Edomite tares use to conspire against the just. This EFR Covenant Gathering broadcast was preached early in the wake of TalkShoe's unjustified deletion of many Christian Godcasts thus explains numerous contemporary similarities of the government's persecution of the righteous during Peter's post-Crucifixion events.
 Blameless Bishops (08-20-17 / 57 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.57 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 12.9 mb )

Blameless Bishops is the loosely based sequel to "CI Fixation" and the very sermon many pastors "in name only" used in their attempt to remove Visser from the airwaves. Meant to honestly convict the Bible believer this lecture frankly looks at scripture's requirements to be a preacher of Yahweh's Word while also making no apologies for the quotes provided explaining the prerequisites of being an overseer.
 Galatians 6:3-10 (08-20-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.80 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb )

Galatians (Part #14) continues the final chapter of Paul's letter by explaining his claim "whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." Why are Israelites commanded to esteem all men better than themselves? Do those that habitually transgress God's Law become a servant of sin? These answers are provided in this relaxed sermon designed to provide updates on CPM while upbraiding our faith in Christ.
 Sons of Korah (08-27-17 / 54 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.40 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 12.3 mb )

Sons of Korah provides a basic overview on these descendants of Esau and "the gainsaying of Core" before covering the entire 49th Psalm of David which he dedicated to them. Who are these sons of Korah? Does their influence still exist today? Are we at the dawn of a new age? This sermon provides updates on the future of Covenant People's Ministry during the upcoming woes Yahweh has promised.
 Galatians 6:10-18 (09-03-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.81 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb )

Galatians (Part #15) completes our lengthy examination of Paul's letter to the Galatians by confirming he puts a difference between the faithful and general masses. Is Yahweh's Law "done away with?" This final sermon looks at the apostle's closing benediction and candid statement "God forbid that I should glory except in the Cross of Jesus Christ" thus proves everything but preaching the Gospel is vanity.

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