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 Six Results of Slander (01-02-22 / 31 Min.)

[ WMA ] (1.95 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 7.07 mb )

Six Results of Slander looks at the outcome of being defamed by a fellow Israelite in their order of severity. From simple separation of friends to outright homicide this broadcast makes no apology in pointing out the damage caused by such Christ-deniers from a personal perspective. Furthermore this upbeat pulpit sermon explains six scriptural consequences of slander to clarify precisely why many antichrist engage within vilification and libel.
 Accuser of our Brethren (01-05-22 / 20 Min.)

[ WMA ] (1.21 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 4.39 mb )

Accuser of our Brethren was meant to have a sequel but was preached properly a week later as Seven Classes who Slander therefore it's unlikely a second part will ever be produced. However as a short lecture on the first three types of slanderous Israelites it actually warrants official release as it's delivered from a different perspective (and location). Mainly a topical sermon on the 50th Psalm this raw broadcast exposes another face of antichrist.
 Seven Classes who Slander (01-12-22 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.79 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Seven Classes who Slander is a sermon about the scriptural types of Israelite that engage in defamation against their brother or "mother's son." Why do our people prefer lies over truth? Does Saxon man actually favor being lied to? This broadcast-quality lecture explains why Yahweh considers all slanderers wicked hypocrites and confirms those that engage in libel won't be found in the coming Kingdom. Contains updates on coming projects.
 Jonah (Part #1) (01-16-22 / 59 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.71 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.4 mb )

Jonah (Part #1) is an expansive introduction to the reluctant minor prophet scrutinizing all the teachings of Christ relating to Jonah and how they're important to this modern age. What is the "Sign of Jonah?" How about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? In this sermon Pastor Visser preaches from portions of Matthew chapters 12 and 21 to lay groundwork for the audio series before providing precise statistics about the Old Testament book itself.
 Jonah (Part #1) (01-23-22 / 59 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.71 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.4 mb )

Jonah (Part #2) continues the audio series by covering the entirety of chapter one which outlines the minor prophet's calling, disobedience to Yahweh and ultimate repentance before being swallowed by a great fish. Why did the mariners refuse to sacrifice Jonah? Is casting lots sinful? This sermon explains why the Hebrew word translated "whale" switches from masculine to feminine before explaining part of Jonah's prayer from the bowels of Hell.
 Open Topics & Updates (01-26-22 / 200 Min.)

[ WMA ] (12.6 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 45.6 mb )

Open Topics & Updates finally allows explanation about the creation (and downfall) of Arcodeaus, Yahweh's Truth and Covenant People's Forums while covering a developing news article; "The Strange Case of James Iannazzo." Who or what is an "Obie" or "Wick?" In this mostly-secular broadcast Pastor Visser is once again joined by Warrior of YHVH to publicly challenge former cohosts to debate and discuss upcoming Wednesday Night Bible Studies.
 Epistle of Barnabas (Part #2) (02-02-22 / 198 Min.)

[ WMA ] (12.4 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 45.1 mb )

Epistle of Barnabas (Part #2) deals mostly with Christ being a "type" of scapegoat and red heifer mentioned in the Mosaic Law therefore this lengthy broadcast probes deeper into Little Horn of Daniel's vision. Does antichrist appear before the King? Warrior of YHVH once again joins Pastor Visser to provide coverage on the next three chapters of this extra-Biblical letter and both men attempt to explain its relevance to our modern apostasy.
 An Abominable Branch (02-09-22 / 198 Min.)

[ WMA ] (12.5 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 45.2 mb )

An Abominable Branch is an in-depth study about Satan using only the Authorized Bible. Pastor Visser and Warrior of YHVH fully explain Lucifer's creation by Yahweh and several reasons he fell from grace. This upbeat Bible study is technically the continuation of Epistle of Barnabas (Part #2) because it elaborates upon Little Horn (or antichrist) of Daniel's Babylonian prophecies thus further explaining the Whore of Babylon from Revelation.
 Salvation Unto His People (02-16-22 / 200 Min.)

[ WMA ] (12.6 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 45.7 mb )

Salvation Unto His People is an expansive Bible study dealing with redemption solely from canonized scripture. Warrior of YHVH and Pastor Visser confirm Yahshua is King of the Israelite people (sent only to their "house") but their refusal of Messiah opened the Abrahamic covenant to gentile people. This inspirational broadcast defines antichrist from the KJV while attempting to explain exactly who is saved and what they're saved from.
 Yahweh Helps! (02-20-22 / 64 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.99 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 14.4 mb )

Yahweh Helps! is a sermon proving our Father is always willing to be merciful to the repentant Israelites by using the virgin Mary's proclamation to Gabriel. While showing several prophecies that Christ fulfilled from Isaiah this lecture provides ample proof that God as always willing to impart grace. As an added bonus the official audio release of this broadcast contains two "lost sermons" from Reverend Butler written shortly before his death.
 The Mouth of Sheol (02-23-22 / 34 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.13 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 7.71 mb )

The Mouth of Sheol is an expository style sermon covering the entire 141st Psalm from the Amplified King James Bible with several important announcements towards the conclusion. Why was king David a man according to Yahweh's own heart? This brief lecture explains part of the "daily sacrifice" that Antichrist takes away during his fleeting reign and provides second witness to the fact that all Adamkind reap as they've sown unto others.
 End Time Angels (03-16-22 / 58 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.66 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.2 mb )

End Time Angels essentially continues CPM's Morning Stars series by covering certain facts about seraphim not found within the free Covenant People's Book. Do all cherubs have wings? Do we have guardian angels? Does God still use Satan on earth today? Who are the right and left "Hands" of Yahweh? We answer all these questions (by request) while inadvertently expanding the paperback from its source notes in this upbeat 39th installment.
 I AM Married 2U (04-06-22 / 47 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.95 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.6 mb )

I AM Married 2U attempts to explain why Jesus remarries the Israelites that Yahweh divorced in the Old Testament during the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Finally a complete overview on the Mosaic Laws regarding matrimony and divorce! This relaxed sermon defines Biblical marriage from the teachings of Christ and also dissects several major prophecies about Israel's whoredoms from the prophets Jeremiah, Malachi, Hosea, Isaiah and Ezekiel.
 Angels Charge Over (04-17-22 / 58 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.63 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.1 mb )

Angels Charge Over is the 40th installment to CPM's Morning Stars series (started in early 2007) that covers certain Psalms confirming guardian angels protect the elect of Yahweh. Meant to clarify facts about cherubim not found in the Covenant People's Book this upbeat sermon further describes the purpose of seraphim. The official audio release features Pastor Visser's "History of Benjamin" which explains the importance of the Israelite tribe.
 Fight the Good Fight (05-01-22 / 52 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.25 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.7 mb )

Fight the Good Fight answers the timeless question "Are there few that be saved?" while proving the infallibility of Yahweh's eternal Word for every generation in faith. Who was the "god" of the Pharisees? Does salvation come easy? Where are the Patriarchs? This relaxed sermon explains the Christian's duty to God directly from Luke's Gospel before providing second witness from sections of Paul's letters to Timothy and the Thessalonians.
 Prodigious Birth of Love (05-04-22 / 89 Min.)

[ WMA ] (5.58 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 20.2 mb )

Prodigious Birth of Love is the long-awaited sequel to What's In A Name [2018] and approaches William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet from an entirely different perspective (and much earlier Act). Why are we called to love our enemies? Who was worse - the Montagues or Capulets? Mostly an overview on the houses of Samaria and Israel this extensive sermon proves that oftentimes "the sins of the fathers" can negatively effect their offspring.
 Jonah (Part #3) (05-11-22 / 39 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.45 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 8.87 mb )

Jonah (Part #3) skips forward an entire chapter to compare Yahweh's original charge to what He commands after the "great fish" spares Jonah's life. This continuation also scrutinizes the Mosaic Law to establish some reasons Jonah became upset at the non-covenant Ninevites repenting at his preaching. While considered a strong entry into the audio series on the reluctant prophet this relaxed sermon is by no means the finale.
 Bescreened in Night (05-15-22 / 57 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.59 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.0 mb )

Bescreened in Night is the third sermon based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and covers both oath swearing and water baptism. "What man art thou that, thus bescreened in night, So stumblest on my counsel? Call me but love, and Iíll be new baptized!" Mostly dealing with Act II of the play this upbeat lecture deals with three well known quotes all from Juliet Capulet while proving many similarities to the King James Bible.
 Epistle of Barnabas (Part #3) (05-18-22 / 215 Min.)

[ WMA ] (13.5 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 49.2 mb )

Epistle of Barnabas (Part #3) is a lengthy Bible study that tackles two chapters of the Greek text in relation to its spiritual application of Yahweh's eternal food Laws. Pastor Visser and Warrior of YHVH prove there are swine-like people upon earth Christians need to avoid and that there's much deeper meaning to the Mosaic Law. All things point to the Messiah therefore this broadcast also deals with His water baptism at the river Jordan.

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